Seascape in soft pastels

Soft pastels are an intriguing medium. I was so fascinated by the colour shades and spectrum in my Mungyo Soft Pastels set that I finally decided to put it to good use. The following artwork "Seascape in soft pastels" is done on Bianyo Black Paper. The final artwork: 

Equine Art in Grey Charcoal

I wanted to brush up my charcoal skills before taking up a complicated artwork, so did this equine art in grey charcoal in five minutes flat.  Charcoal is such a fulfilling medium and the fixative is a life saver for artists. 

This artwork is inspired by Belgian artist Ben Heine's Marilyn circle portrait. It portrays the Hollywood glamour with the pin up girl of the 40s, Marilyn Monroe in all her monochrome glory. The artwork was done on Bianyo artist quality paper with Sakura pigma micron pen 0.05 and staedtler Luna watercolour pencils.  Dated 6th April... Continue Reading →

‘Paris is always a good idea.’

Paris is art .. Paris is romance ..Paris is luxury.. Paris is always a good idea. The enigmatic city is any artists' dream canvas and the love for Paris is incessant!  Artwork of the iconic Eiffel Tower in Sakura micron pen and brush pen along with Staedtler watercolour pencils.

Humour Mill 

Sharing a laugh.  Love the irony of the phrase . Artwork done in Staedtler watercolour pencils and Sakura manga comic kit. 

Monday Mural

#MondayMotivation Calligraphy on base of watercolour Artwork done with Bianyo artist quality sketchbook Staedtler watercolour pencils Sakura manga comic kit Sakura gellyroll

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