Mumbai Travelog : A gastroMom’s must-have food recommendations

This summer of 2018 , we decided to take a family trip to Mumbai. Mumbai holds a special place in our hearts as it is what my husband calls 'Nani ka ghar' since his maternal grandparents passed away. Like the typical north indian new parents , we also had made some promises before the safe arrival of our premature twins and one of them was to visit the 'Siddhivinayak Temple' with our children. However besides being a religious trip , this trip also meant a chance to try out the amazing food by my favourite chefs/restaurants which I had been following on Instagram for long. Read on to know more.

Beach Vacation with Baby ! 

Heading for a beach vacation with your baby ? Congratulations on making the right choice. Parents of young children definitely need a break and there is nothing as peaceful and rejuvenating as the beach . Also by choosing to head to a sea side destination I presume you have eliminated most of the city chaos... Continue Reading →

Travel Meal Ideas For Infants and Toddlers

While travelling with a baby it is preferable to equip yourselves with handy meal options to keep them full on the go. Travelling before baby turns 6 months old is ideal ; as all you need is to breastfeed / formula  feed . For babies 6 months and beyond , carrying travel friendly meal options […]

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