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Thanks for dropping by . 

FridayNightColumn.Com is my personal blog . And who am I ?

Hi friends !

I am Dr. Mansi Bajaj Malik , MD Medicine by profession and a blogger by passion . 

I am a full time working mother of twins Czar and Ivanka (whom I refer to as C&I in my blogs) . 

This blog is relatively new , I started it in April 2017 one fine day after I decided to rekindle my passion for painting, writing and cooking . Though with growing worklife painting is pretty occasional, but I regularly cook for my twins and my foodie husband , so cooking will be in abundance on the blog. 

I write when I feel the need to express my opinion and which happens often. 

Travelling was a major part of my life before I became a mother so you will get spurts of travelling posts on my blog too. Making C&I avid travellers is also on my checklist. I am an avid reader and a recently converted clean-eating enthusiast. 

I am a doctor , but this blog is not about medical advice . It is my personal motherhood journey and an introvert’s attempt at building a village for myself to raise my twins.

If you believe in Zodiacs and personality traits , then FYI , I am a true blue Virgo . A perfectionist, meticulous and honest person . 

Hoping to connect with like minded people on my blogging journey , to learn and grow together . I put up in India and the content will reflect the same . 

Blogs are broadly on FoodArt, BabyFood, Travel, Parenting, Health , Artwork etc . 

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I am pretty active on Facebook and Instagram , do reach me there to know more about me. 

Concluding with my favourite quote here ,

The purpose of life , is a life of purpose! 

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