Beach Vacation with Baby ! 

Heading for a beach vacation with your baby ? Congratulations on making the right choice. Parents of young children definitely need a break and there is nothing as peaceful and rejuvenating as the beach . Also by choosing to head to a sea side destination I presume you have eliminated most of the city chaos and the trouble of a busy itinerary. 

Following up with my previous posts on Travelling with Baby :  The Checklist , Flying with a baby or two and Travel meal ideas for infants and toddlers; here are few of my tips for a beach vacation with baby !

  • Prefer an All-inclusive beach resort for a surreal experience without added commuting and daily hassles . 
  • Check if the resort has kid’s club or babysitting facilities for younger children so that you can enjoy some water sports and ‘us’ time while your kids enjoy in a safe and dedicated area . 
  • Check if the resort has kid’s pool and pool essentials like inflatables available. Pack your own inflatable if you are a frequent beach bum .
  • Pack the Baby Beach Essentials : 
  1. Swim Suit 
  2. Cotton Clothes preferably covering arms and legs 
  3. Swim Diapers : I prefer Huggies for my kids.
  4. Sun Hat : large and wide brimmed which covers face and neck 
  5. Sunscreen : Waterproof with SPF 15 and above preferably . Coppertone Waterbabies and Banana Boat are good options .
  6. Beach Boots / Flip Flops
  7. Sunglasses for Kids
  8. Swim Suit Cover 
  9. Waterproof play mat for the beach
  10. Sand Toys : Shovel and Bucket , Sand mold ,  Net Bag for toys 
  11. Beach/ Bath Toys for Pool : Beach Ball and Frisbee 
  12. Hooded and Poncho Style Towel : 2 or more
  13. Spray Bottle : take an empty spray bottle along and fill it with fresh water at your destination. Take it along at the beach and sprinkle it over your kid’s body to get rid of unwanted sand on your way back from the beach.
  14. Baby Powder : A mommy friend from an FB group suggests that putting baby powder on limbs helps in removing sand easily. 
  15. Pool Bag / Tote 
  16. Beach Tent (optional) / Umbrella
  17. Beach Blanket or sheet 
  18. Arm Floats 
  19. Hair ties for girls 
  20. Comb 
  21. Formula Milk/ Baby Food and Drinking Water with Cutlery 
  22. Body wash or Soap and Shampoo
  23. Wet Wipes
  24. Medicine Kit 
  25. Trash Bag / Plastic Bag for Wet Clothes 
  26. Extra Outfits
  27. Play Pen (optional) 
  28. Aloe Vera gel , for treating sunburn. 
  • Babies younger than 6 months should not be exposed to direct sun and should preferably be in shade at all times . While for babies 6 months and older , avoid taking them out during the hours 11 am to 3 pm as sun is harsh. 
  • Whenever the baby is out , apply generous and thick layer of a waterproof sunscreen of SPF 15 and above with wide spectrum coverage on all exposed areas . Babies are very prone to sunburn and at no time should the baby not be protected with sunscreen . Reapply sunscreen after a few hours and after the baby is out from the water.
  • Choose a clean and safe spot for your child at beach and preferably spread a waterproof mat or play pen . Cover it with an umbrella or tent if possible. 
  • When in water , hold your baby firmly and for older kids , always stay in an  arm’s distance from them. 
  • Inflatables and swimming do not drown-proof your child , hence always stay vigilant when kids are in water. 
  • Hydrate the baby well while out in the sun. 
  • Use sunglasses , Sun Hat and cotton clothes to protect the child. 
  • If at all your baby or you develop sunburn , use cool Aloe Vera gel for soothing the area. 

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