Travelling with Baby : The Checklist !

I recently asked on a travel forum “Which is the best place for vacation with a baby?” and the first reply I got was : “HOME” !

Though I know travelling with an infant/toddler can be no less than a herculean task , infact , in my last MomCom Episode #02 I had mentioned how I avoided travelling and preferred to stay home and sleep-in on one of the extended weekends; I would still say I enjoyed my impromptu holiday to Goa last week with my 9 months old twins C&I.

The first prerequisite with travelling with infants/toddlers is to PLAN and PREPARE.

So the first post in my ‘Travelling with Baby’ series on is the checklist I used to prepare for our family beach vacay.

Click here for tips on Flying with a baby. 

Travelling with a baby always makes you wonder what to pack for baby food. Here are the ultimate travel meal ideas for your Infant / Toddler 

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Travelling with Baby: 



  1. Outfits : 3 /day/ child including 1 Onesie /d/child
  2. Night Suits/ Sleepsuits
  3. Pajamas
  4. Socks
  5. Shoes (I took them but didn’t use them , as I knew I will invariably lose them somewhere)
  6. Swim Suit
  7. Sun Hat
  8. Hairbands / Hair and other accessories (For Girls)
  9. Vests 1/day/child and few extras
  10. Baby Underpants ( To wear under skirts and dresses)
  11. Blanket : Thin and warm 1/child
  12. Pillow and Sheet for Bedding
  13. Towels: 2/child. Including a hooded towel for pool/beach
  14. Jacket (In case of cold weather)

  1. Body + Hair wash (Travel Pack)
  2. Body Lotion (Travel Pack)
  3. Wet Wipes 1pack/day with plastic fliptop (Buy locally at your destination on arrival if staying for long)
  4. Diapers 6/day/child . I prefer Pampers Active Baby
  5. Huggies Swim Diapers : 1 pack (Buy size according to baby weight)
  6. Diaper Rash Cream
  7. Medicine Kit: Nasal drops/Paracetamol/Cold or Allergy Syrup /BandAid
  8. Sunscreen – Choose a Waterproof kid friendly high SPF sunscreen . I use Coppertone Water Babies
  9. Insect Repellent  
  10. Tooth Brush and Toothpaste : For babies with teeth
  11. Hair Brush
  12. Toddler Goggles
  13. Waterproof and compact Diaper Changing Mat / Quick dry sheet : 1 for diaper bag , 1 extra
  14. Travel sized Detergent for clothes
  15. Plastic bags for diaper disposal and dirty laundry

  1. Bottles
  2. Formula Milk
  3. Bibs : Pigeon Disposable Bibs and Plastic Washable bibs with crumb pockets
  4. Bottle Sterlising Tablets : 1 box
  5. Thermos plus Boiled Water
  6. Bottle cover
  7. Bottle Cleaning Liquid (Travel pack )
  8. Bottle Cleaning Brush
  9. Nursing Cover (If Breastfeeding)
  10. Breast Pump (If Breastfeeding)
  11. Travel Meal Ideas : Click Here 

  1. Stroller
  2. Rain Cover for Stroller
  3. Baby Carrier
  4. Car Seat ( for Road Trip)

  1. Birth Certificate / Passport
  2. Umbrellas
  3. Camera
  4. Selfie Stick


What to pack in Carry On / Diaper Bag ?

Choose a backpack as your diaper bag and leave the fancy patterned ones at home. Prefer a neutral coloured bag which Daddy can carry without hesitation.

For Feeding

  1. Bottle
  2. Bibs
  3. Formula Dispenser
  4. Burp Cloth
  5. Thermos + Water
  6. Sippy Cup (optional)
  7. Toddler Snacks : Ready to Eat Purees , Banana, Instant Cereal, Parantha,Biscuits in ziplock bags : click here for travel Meal Ideas 
  8. Plastic Container with lid and spoon (Travel Friendly)
  9. Bottle Cleaning Liquid (<100ml)
  10. Pacifier (optional)

For Diaper Change

  1. Diapers
  2. Wet Wipes with fliptop
  3. Diaper Rash Cream
  4. Waterproof foldable changing mat
  5. Plastic bags for diaper disposal

Entertainment and Extras

  1. Toys : 2-4 less noisy toys, 1-2 teething toys
  2. Books
  3. Ipad
  4. Extra outfits : 2/child
  5.  Small Blanket
  6. Sanitising wipes
  7. Nursing Cover

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    1. You have our tablet in cold water , put the washed bottle parts in it and let it stay immersed for 30 minutes . After that rinse the bottle parts and they are ready to use . This is about Boots sterilising tablets


  1. Amazing check list.
    I checked this link as you posted it on Facebook as a reply to someone else and guess what I am also going to *Goa* with my *Twins* and they will be *9months* then.


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