MomCom: Twins Caricatured 

When your mommy is an artist , you know you are her most easily available muse .  The following artwork is the caricature of my twins C&I . This is from a picture I took on their half birthday and they both seem to be in their own zone 😂 The rough draft :  The... Continue Reading →

Lemon Chicken : North Indian Style

So what do you make when you feel like having a feast but cannot because you are on a 1200 kCal diet plan ? This Lemon Chicken is the way I binge without upsetting my fitness routine. This recipe originally belongs to my sister-in-law , so she deserves all the praise for it. It's a super... Continue Reading →

City Rush: Urban Mandala Art

This is one of the most fun artworks I've done in recent times. This is my attempt to recreate the creative genius that belongs to Instagram star @glinda184. Mandala art is considered very relaxing , but depicting the city chaos through mandala art is the most striking part of this artwork.  Did you know that... Continue Reading →

Super Baby Food : Iron Rich 

Sharing a quick recipe of one of my favourite baby foods. It is easy to make , yummy and nutritious .  Ideal for babies 6 to 10 months of age.  Cooking time : 20 minutes  Beetroot and Spinach Rice Purée  Ingredients: Organic ghee : 1tbsp  (I use 'Organic India Organic Ghee') Beetroot : 1  Spinach :... Continue Reading →

Seascape in soft pastels

Soft pastels are an intriguing medium. I was so fascinated by the colour shades and spectrum in my Mungyo Soft Pastels set that I finally decided to put it to good use. The following artwork "Seascape in soft pastels" is done on Bianyo Black Paper. The final artwork: 

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