City Rush: Urban Mandala Art

This is one of the most fun artworks I’ve done in recent times. This is my attempt to recreate the creative genius that belongs to Instagram star @glinda184.

Mandala art is considered very relaxing , but depicting the city chaos through mandala art is the most striking part of this artwork. 

Did you know that this artwork has 

  1. 5 modes of transport : A bus, A helicopter , A hot air balloon, cars and a baby pram/stroller 
  2. A cafe
  3. A library 
  4. 2 cats 
  5. An astronomical observatory 
  6. A sun 
  7. A moon 
  8. 2 bridges 
  9. A supermarket 
  10. Clouds, birds and stars

Besides several houses and buildings.

 …. phew!!

Following images are zoomed in parts of the artwork to bring the detailing into focus. 

Artwork done on Bianyo premium drawing paper with Sakura Pigma Micron 08 pen and Brustro Technical Pen 0.05.

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