A Waste Of Intelligence?

Recently read this on Instagram. It is a quote by an Italian writer who uses the pseudonym 'Elena Ferrante' . How alluring does it sound-  a pseudonym! It's from her book 'Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay' . I was introduced to this writer by the Hindustan Times Brunch columnist Seema Goswami. She is... Continue Reading →

To Beginners!

Allow yourself being a beginner , no one starts off being excellent !  Artwork done in Camlin Kokuyo Brushpens .

Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed 

For those fighting the Monday Blues !  "I'm Up - if you're expecting bright eyed and bushy tailed , go catch a freakin' squirrel" Artwork done with Sakura Manga Comic Kit , Brustro Acrylic Marker Pens and Staedtler Luna Watercolour Pencils.

Humour Mill 

Sharing a laugh.  Love the irony of the phrase . Artwork done in Staedtler watercolour pencils and Sakura manga comic kit. 

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