The secret to being a superwoman is an inconsiderate husband ??

I recently happened to read an article titled ‘Behind every superwoman lies an inconsiderate and selfish man.

Though an archaic, patriarchal and insensitive husband may be the cause behind some women pushing and trying to do everything by themselves but it is not the case everywhere.

By such a blanket statement we are undermining the efforts of thousands of couples who are managing their work lives and families by contributing equally to each chore .

Also , a thoughtless husband does not drive a woman to do her best , it is her own passion for providing a healthy and happy living environment to her family which pushes her to give her best .

The husband is also trying to do the same for his family in other ways.

Not all women are sacrificing themselves by trying to achieve a perfect house and maintain balance . Some intelligent ones know that outsourcing tasks which require lesser skills can decrease their burden and still help them provide a wholesome environment to the family.

The growing need for maids for top jobs involved in babysitting, doing utensils and clothes , dusting etc is a testimony to the fact that things can be done by unskilled labour , and the woman can manage the house with her leadership qualities and micromanagement powers.

Some women quit their work lives because they think baby care is costing them more than they can earn , which is a sad situation. But researchers have found that if women continue to work despite not saving enough due to the increased expenditure on child care , in the long run they are able to compensate by having more long term savings , staying in the work circuit , prospect of wage growth and keeping up their career skills intact . They are able to claim better salaries and growth opportunities later on , even if in the short term they may not be bringing much home.

A happy family is a couple’s responsibility and cherished dream. Most of the times it is a result of their working together in harmony towards a common goal . A super family is a result of having both a superwoman and a superman hustling to make the best in available circumstances . If one of them is over working to provide the balance , the cracks are not easy to hide and relations can be seen bursting at the seams with stress & frustration.

Maybe the author had not seen the new age superwomen , who are successful despite not turning into a sacrificial lamb.

Women have a tough role , just like any adult , in bringing up a family . Leading the life of a responsible adult is trying for all , barring no gender.

The answer for all problems of women is not , and should not be , male bashing .

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