5 ‘Wonder Woman’Quotes the Feminist in us Loved !

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So after reading a lot of positive reviews , I went and saw the new Hollywood release ‘Wonder Woman’. Don’t worry , no spoilers here . Wonder Woman a.k.a Diana Prince is the princess of Themyscira , the paradise island inhabited by the Amazons – the women warriors. She sets out to save mankind from the horrors of war with an American spy Steve Trevor.

A prominent part of the movie also depicts how females would behave had their minds not been domesticated by the patriarchal society’s do’s and don’ts since childhood.

This movie shows women power not just on-screen but off-screen as well, as it is reported that Gal Gadot , the female lead portraying Wonder Woman, was 5 months pregnant with her second daughter at the time of reshoot.
Here are the top 5 bad-ass quotes , the feminist in us loved !

1. During the scene where Steve Trevor introduces Etta Candy , his secretary , to Wonder Woman / Diana Prince .

Etta: I’m Steve Trevor’s secretary.

Diana: What is a secretary?

E: I go where he tells me to go, I do what he tells me to do.

D: Where we come from, that’s called slavery.

Oops! She said it , didn’t she !

2. During a conversation where Steve tries to stop Diana from entering the battlefield.

Steve: I can’t let you do this…

Diana: What I do is not up to you.

More power to you woman!

 3. When Queen Hippolyta, Diana’s mother, tries to stop her from going to save mankind

Queen: If you choose to leave, you may never return.

Diana: How will I be if I stay?

Mommies will be mommies ! đź’‹!

4. During a conversation between Steve and Diana on their voyage to London.

Diana: They Claim That Men Are Useful For Procreation But When It Comes To Pleasure, Unnecessary.

Voila !  #TheUglyTruth

5.Queen Hippolyta ‘s parting words to Diana , before she begins her journey

Queen: Be careful in the world of men, Diana, they do not deserve you.


Well then , that’s the essence of the movie ,

“It’s not about what they deserve. It’s what you believe. And I believe in them .”


Have you seen the movie yet ? Do give us your feedback and share your reviews!

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