Toffee Bananas

Toffee Bananas are a classic Chinese dessert .The taste and flavour is so universal that it will soon become a favourite of your family. This dessert was made for my twins as a unique yet yummy approach to bananas which is part of my babies' meal plan . However , it was equally relished by... Continue Reading →

Chunky Mango Chili Ice Popsicles

The global food scene is raving about the chili spiced desserts , so how could I not try one! Presenting to you  *Adults-only* Ice Popsicles , not because they are censored but because they are spicy and sensuous.  Chunky Mango Chili Ice Popsicles Ingredients: for 4 Ice Popsicles Alphonso Mango : One (chopped) Orange Juice... Continue Reading →

Badam Halwa : Almond Dessert Pudding 

Nothing drives a mother more than her instinct to feed healthy , nutritious yet yummy food to her kids.  My twins are turning 8 months old soon, and I was thinking of introducing almonds to them in some unique yet healthy way. Hence, I decided to make Badam Halwa for them. What better way to... Continue Reading →

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