BlueBerry Two Ways – Ice Popsicles ! 

Natural and homemade ice Popsicles are my new obsession these days . They are easy to make and require no special equipment except an Ice Pops mold . With no use of preservatives, added sugars and colouring agent ; they make a perfect dessert for your kids too.

Here is an interesting recipe for unique Ice Popsicles where I have used blueberries in two ways – as whole berries and as a smoothie . They just don’t look spectacular, they taste divine as well.

Blueberry Two Ways :  Ice Popsicles


  • Fresh Blueberries: 200gm
  • Alphonso Mango (chopped) : 1 whole
  • Fresh Coconut Water : ~ 50 ml and 100 ml separately .
  • Ice Pop Molds : A set of 4 : Buy here

Method : 

  1. Take 100 ml of coconut water and fill less than half of the ice mold with it . Put some (3-4) fresh whole blueberries in the coconut water in each mold. Repeat the same in all four sections of the mold.
  2. Keep the mold in the freezer for 4-6 hours in a titled fashion at 45 degree angle while resting in a bowl . Do not put the lids of the Popsicles.
  3. In a blending jar, take remaining fresh blueberries, chopped Mango and Coconut water (50ml) . Blend it into a smoothie.
  4. Remove the mold from freezer . Scrape the frozen edge of the frozen coconut water in the mold a little . Pour in the blended Blueberry and Mango smoothie to fill the mold upto the brim.
  5. Apply the lid with a little pressure to gently pierce it through the frozen coconut water in the mold. Close the lid well.
  6. Freeze for 4-6 hours or overnight.
  7. To Unmold : Run warm clean water over the mold.Unmold by pulling the holder slowly and steadily.
  8. Blueberry Two Ways : Ice Popsicles are ready to be served . 1502280771623
  • While setting the coconut water , keep the mold titled at a 45degree angle to get the slanted setting.
  • Optional: If you don’t get fresh blueberries, you can replace them with strawberries.

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