I ‘m somebody because God made no junk – A poem

Dad screams and mom scolds, 

‘Does any meaning your life hold?’

This is how my day starts,

As a lazy bear, seventeen years have passed.

As the sun’s job is to rise, the night’s to fall,

Clouds answer to nature’s call,

Even the millipede has millions of task to see,

How could God miss someone as important as me? 

There is surely a task that I was assigned,

Now it’s on me, where and how to find.

To twist my nerves and get a Bachelors’ degree. 

Or to serve others as a missionary?

I may not impress you intellectually,

But there is a power that dwells in me.

Where in, my reason to survive may lay,

The power to spin gold out of hay.

As I mix the shades of life and perceive, 

Building my future as a masterpiece.

You may call me a bear or call me a skunk,

I know I’m somebody because God made no junk! 

Original Poetry by creator of Friday Night Column 

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