Marriage : A matter of luck?

Recently over a casual conversation with a colleague who is unmarried and in her early thirties , we stumbled upon this thought. She insisted on the fact that marriage is a matter of chance and I , according to her , happened to be amongst the few fortunate ones to have found a good spouse.... Continue Reading →

Things New Moms Do ! 

You know you are a new mom when you : Check the breathing of a sleeping baby every 10 minutes . Stock up on teethers way before teething time like a warrior prepares ammunition for battlefield. Have hand sanitizer and wet wipes on every nook and corner of the house , just in case. Carefully... Continue Reading →

Sprouts Khichri 

Sprouts khichri or Moth Khichri is a healthy wholesome and protein rich one-pot meal for the family.  A complete meal on its own , it is a great option to feed sprouts to toddlers and older children . Vegetarians looking for options for adding proteins to their diet should also consider Sprouts Khichri .  It... Continue Reading →

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