Half Birthday Celebrations : Modern Family Calls For Modern Traditions

When C&I turned 6 months old we decided to celebrate their half birthdays!

Because Two Half Birthdays Make A Full Birthday!

How did we come up with the idea of half – birthday celebrations ?

We were already celebrating their monthly birthdays on 24 th of each month with mini cakes and donuts and pastries (basically whatever we felt like gorging on , since twins were not supposed to eat any of these šŸ˜).Since we have a family tradition of celebrating our major occasions by experiencing new places and travelling to a random corner of the world , it was pretty much decided that we won’t be having a party for their 1st birthday .Hence , the get together was decided to be held on twins’ 6 month Birthday . (And it was the best decision one could take). We were already drooling over half birthday pictures of foreign bloggers on Pinterest.

Planning the Venue !

With two young babies , it was pretty obvious that the venue had to be the comfortable environs of our own home sweet home . So we zeroed down on our house for the place where party would take place.

Timings ?

Since the party was in honour of 6 month old infants , the timings were kept early evening 7 pm onwards . The cake cutting was done first as twins were already on schedule and were sleepy by 8 pm those days (Don’t ask me about our current bedtime, toddlerhood is creating a havoc with my OCD) .The kids went to sleep after cake cutting and an hour or so of playing with family and friends , while the rest of the gathering stayed on for dinner and further entertainment.

Guests : Who all were invited ?

Since the celebrations had to be doable for a family of two young infants , the invitees were limited to our close family members from both sides . They were around 20-25 of us in all.

Menu : Who cooked the food !

Outsourcing to the rescue! We kept a small time caterer who was ready to curate a menu for a smallish family dinner . There were tandoori snacks , indian main course , indian desserts besides the cake . Cutlery was largely disposable and large dustbins came in handy .

Kids’ Half Birthday Dress

I am not a big fan of personalised (read overpriced and mostly average quality ) dresses with half birthday or baby name written all over , it just isn’t to my taste.Hence I decided on classy and elegant dresses for both of them which were formal and they both looked gorgeous. My daughter’s dress was a gift from a friend who had got it from U.S . while my son’s attire was from Kidology , DLF Promenade , Delhi.


Before you plan the decorations , I highly recommend buying your high chairs (I have Chicco Pocket Lunch High Chairs) at this time . It’s perfect to inaugurate the high chair which you would be using almost daily from now on to feed solids .Decorate the high chair with alphabet balloons filled with helium , triangular colourful buntings , multicoloured balloons etc .

Hang a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner in the party room. Throw in some more colourful balloons all over to make it Pinterest perfect.I got the decorations for the party from Wanna Party , it’s a shop with branches in Gurgaon and West Delhi .

Cake ! Oh so droolworthy!

We decided against the usual fondant cakes available as none of our family members enjoy the fondant which looks good but is hardly edible . Hence we hunted a few local bakeries with our design of choice (which I shortlisted from Pinterest ) . It was finalised that we will have two semi circle shaped cakes with ‘1/2 ‘ cake toppers and the yummy creme cheese frosting (with the design of our choice) . The cakes had to be 1 kg each for the required height for the design.

How to click superb pictures with two infants not getting cranky?

We knew we won’t be able to keep the infants happy and cheerful for the whole party , which meant the pics could end up being not so awesome .

But , Eureka! , genius struck and we planned the photo session of the twins even before the party started . Basically , before any of the guests arrived we clicked millions of pics of twins , portraits , family photos , posing with cake & high chair all in place . This way we knew whatever may happen in the party atleast some memories had been captured . Later we did photo poses with family also.

Overall it turned out to be a great celebration and was thoroughly enjoyed by all including our babies .

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Have more ideas on how to celebrate half birthday ? Do share with us in comments section. We’d love to know about your creative ideas.

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