Things New Moms Do ! 

You know you are a new mom when you : Check the breathing of a sleeping baby every 10 minutes . Stock up on teethers way before teething time like a warrior prepares ammunition for battlefield. Have hand sanitizer and wet wipes on every nook and corner of the house , just in case. Carefully... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a mom of twins! 

We don't experience kicks in pregnancy, we host football matches in our uterus. Leave alone the count , most of the time we don't even know which baby is kicking.  We gain a usual of 20-30 kgs in pregnancy and no , we don't end up looking like Celina Jaitley .  We are sometimes not... Continue Reading →

5 Must-Haves for a Comfortable Pregnancy 

The metamorphosis that your body goes through during pregnancy bears testimony to the power of Mother Nature. But , it can get pretty uncomfortable too. Fitting into your usual wardrobe and doing your daily chores can become rather agonising. Here is my list of 5 Must-Haves for all you mommies-to-be , to make your preggy... Continue Reading →

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