BabyMoon in Cape Town, South Africa : Few Essentials , Do’s and Don’ts

Just when you think you have all your cards sorted, your plans in order , just then , at that very moment, life throws you a googly.

In the month of March 2016, my husband and I : being the meticulous travelers and planners that we are, had pre-booked a thorough 10 day trip to Cape Town , South Africa . I was scheduled to do an oral presentation of my research work at the International Conference Of Emergency Medicine in coming April. After an extensive amount of paperwork and email correspondence, our leave applications and NOCs were finally  arranged for. We had made the initial advance payments to the travel executive and were shortlisting attractions for our itinerary.

But, as it is known, the best adventures are never planned. In early March, we not only discovered that we were pregnant , but also that we were expecting twins.Suddenly South Africa seemed impossible, specially when the conference dates were falling in our first trimester. Hence we consulted our obstetrician , discussed it with a few friends ( also obstetricians) and finally embarked on our super adventurous official trip cum baby moon to the exotic African beaches of Cape Town.

Babymoon is a holiday a couple takes before their baby arrives.It is meant for some quality time with your partner before a pint sized mini-you takes over the reins of your life.

Here are a few planning and packing essentials, flying tips , Do’s and Don’ts for a comfortable and safe babymoon:


  • Take permission from your doctor (Obs&Gynae) before planning , to ensure you are fit for travelling.Take a written permission letter, if possible.
  • Choose to travel in Second Trimester , if possible. It is the safest. Usually people prefer 24 weeks for a good sized baby bump which makes for great photos. Some airlines have restrictions on pregnant women travelling after 28 weeks of gestation.
  • In case of twin pregnancy travelling after 20 weeks is not recommended, hence you may choose to go in early second trimester around 14-16 weeks if your doctor allows .
  • Opt for Wheelchair access at the airport and Inform airlines about your pregnancy status.
  • Prepare an Emergency Medicine kit. Especially include medications for heart burn, vomiting, diarrhea, allergies, fever and other common ailments.
  • Keep copies of all medical documents and ultrasound in your hand baggage while travelling.
  • Inform hotel and  travel agent about pregnancy.
  • Stay hydrated at all times.Keep a water bottle handy.
  • While sleeping keep pillow below your leg end/feet.
  • Ensure that the roads at destination are smooth and well maintained.
  • Get Travel and Medical insurance.
  • Trust your instinct . If you feel unwell at any time, seek rest and medical advice.
  • Carry multiple small food items for snacking.
  • Opt for a short/ medium length flight.
  • Choose a relaxed getaway to countryside or seaside. Beach destinations with no itinerary are ideal.
  • Make cute placards for photo shoot.
  • Observe fetal  movement daily after meals.
  • Pre book everything.
  • Be prepared for emergencies mentally and financially.
  • Wear comfortable maternity clothing , specially for flight.Wear layers for varying temperatures.
  • Wear flat and comfortable footwear.
  • Keep Emergency contact of doctor ,both local and at destination.
  • Wear compression stocking, specially for long haul flight.
  • Take a short walk on the plane every 2 hours to avoid venous pooling in legs.
  • Keep travel pillow for a comfortable flight.
  • Choose aisle seat on plane, as you ll need to frequently visit the washroom.


  • No Bumpy Road trip.
  • No hectic itinerary.
  • No hopping flight. If hopping, ensure the transit airport is comfortable and has good food & resting facilities.Dubai airport is a great option for transit.
  • Avoid destinations with extremes of temperature.
  • Avoid crowded public transport, opt for cabs when possible.
  • Avoid unhygienic food joints and prefer bottled water.
  • No adventure sports.

Have a wonderful babymoon mommy, but make sure to ASK YOUR DOCTOR before you plan !!!!

Here are some pics from our Babymoon in Cape Town.

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