Confessions of a mom of twins! 

  • We don’t experience kicks in pregnancy, we host football matches in our uterus. Leave alone the count , most of the time we don’t even know which baby is kicking. 
  • We gain a usual of 20-30 kgs in pregnancy and no , we don’t end up looking like Celina Jaitley . 
  • We are sometimes not just responsible for two fragile newborns but the two are also born premature / low birth weight .
  • We are more than rejoiced on having them home from the NICU . Whether they were born from a C- section or a Normal delivery is not usually a concern.
  • We have to learn to breastfeed two newborns simultaneously and do that every two hours . If you think breastfeeding is difficult , think about tandem breastfeeding two delicate preemies. 
  • We (many of us) bottle feed and formula feed along with breastfeeding and our kids do pretty well . In fact , we are thankful for both(formula and bottle) coming to our rescue. 
  • The only person fussy at meal times is us : because we cannot afford to allow tantrums . Making babyfood is enough work already let alone making variety to suit a fussy eater, we usually make one thing and both have to eat. 
  • We are in no hurry for them to achieve gross motor milestones like crawling or walking because we are already dreading running around two .
  • One of our twins usually lags behind the other in terms of milestones and we do not panic ; we know they will finally achieve it in a few days – weeks.
  • We (most of us) sleep schedule . That’s the only way we can get rest. Or else we will end up frustrated out of exhaustion . 
  • We feed them together (one demands and the other is also fed simultaneously) , or else we ll be doing that round the clock.
  • We let them sleep in their own crib/ bed because co sleeping with two is almost impossible. 
  • We have lots of hacks to manage kids without holiding them because most of the times we can’t hold them together . 
  • We love grandparents and they co- parent our kids . We need as many hands as possible . 
  • We make the father do a lot of hands-on work because they do not have an option. 
  • We never hesitate to ask for help, even from strangers. 
  • We try to make our kids independent as early as possible because that is one way they can help us manage them better . So we believe in self feeding and doing your own chores .
  • We have to emphasise sharing because there is no way they will be getting one of each . It is not just about the finances but also space . We can’t manage two of every bulky baby stuff for them. 
  • Not just toys , they learn to share parents , mommy time , love and attention . They get used to seeing their mommy holding another baby from day 1.
  • We have a favourite child and no , it’s not the first – born . It’s usually the better behaving kid at the moment and that changes every other day. 
  • Even on good days we manage to complete only the kids’ related tasks ,for household works we need assistance. Maids definitely matter.
  • For a dinner date , we need to plan in advance and arrange two babysitters , but most of the time we end up just ordering take-away dinners.
  • We perpetually feel guilty of not doing enough for both of them , because trying to be a super mom of two can be super tiring.
  • We ignore most of the parenting advice from others as not many understand our unique scenario. We find what suits us and stick to it. 

We fail , we cry , we breakdown but we rise again like the rest of you ! So whenever you feel like you have failed as a parent because of not being able to manage some parenting must-do , think of a twin mom who is struggling to even survive and you will be a little easier on yourself . 

The author is mom to an adorable pair of twins C&I and for all the hardships,  she gets rewarded with double the kisses and quadruple the cuddles. She is sharing her parenting journey on her blog Friday Night Column , follow her here on Facebook or Sign Up

This write-up is not meant to offend anyone , neither the moms of twins nor the moms of singletons. 

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