5 Must-Haves for a Comfortable Pregnancy 

The metamorphosis that your body goes through during pregnancy bears testimony to the power of Mother Nature.
But , it can get pretty uncomfortable too. Fitting into your usual wardrobe and doing your daily chores can become rather agonising.

Here is my list of 5 Must-Haves for all you mommies-to-be , to make your preggy journey  much more pleasant and way less distressing.

Comfortable Footwear:

This should be the first thing in your shopping list , as soon as you get the two positive lines on your UPT (Urine Pregnancy Test). Invest in a great pair of casual flat footwear whichever style suits you and a fancy pair for outings. I suggest buying Dr. Scholl Sandals for perfect grip , so that you can remain as mobile as you want without compromising on your joints.  For the fancy pair you can opt for any brand you like , I loved sporting my flat shimmery Steve Maddens during pregnancy.

Maternity wear :

Don’t shy away from buying specific maternity wear , thinking that it will be a waste later . Maternity wear will remain your best friend during and even after pregnancy atleast  for 4-6 months . Because even after delivery , normal women look vaguely pregnant for months. So , buy comfortable maternity jeans , leggings and few cotton maternity briefs with adjustable waistbands, which easily stretch with your stretching belly . My favourite brands for maternity wear were Mothercare and H&M. Make sure you flaunt your bump and not hide it under oversized clothing. 

Bra Extenders:

This little add-on costing less than 200 Rs. is going to save thousands of your bucks on expensive lingerie which won’t even fit you well for more than a few days due to your changing size . I bought the ones named Pink Flamingo Bra Extender with Elastic . These extenders really help in utilising your usual bras during pregnancy . Also, after delivery you will in any case move on to nursing bras , so buying large sized bras for pregnancy doesn’t make much sense. Stock on the nursing bras ,one month before your due-date.

Pregnancy Pillow:

I swear by my Coozly Premium Pregnancy U Pillow It was my best friend during the difficult nights of a twin pregnancy and specially kept me cozy and snuggled during my bed-rest days . It was my permanent companion  , in fact , I took it to the hospital when I was admitted in late second trimester due to complications. Now when my twins are 7 months old , I use it as a soft cushion to surround them while they enjoy on their play-mat. For this I’m sharing my own pic when I had come back home from my hospital stay at 28 weeks and I wasn’t allowed to sit , I lay on my Pregnancy pillow while our family celebrated my husband’s birthday .

Buy it here on Amazon: Coozly Premium Pregnancy U Pillow

Seat Cushions/Donut Pillow:

Small cushions and inflatable donut pillows are extremely helpful when you have to sit for prolonged durations due to work requirements or long commutes . This is a must for working women and the ones suffering from pain in the tail-bone region. Also a small stool below your table/desk can help rest your feet at work .

I hope you find this article helpful ,specially the mommies expecting twins or more.

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Pictures Source : http://www.pexels.com

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