Motherhood is a …

Motherhood is a dilemma .

It doesn’t start when you give birth, it starts the day you realise you are a woman .

The dilemma to be a mother or not.

The dilemma to have kids in the 20s or wait for the 30s or what if you aren’t sure till your 40s.

The dilemma to halt your career at the start , middle or when it’s at its peak, because no matter what you do , halt it will.

The dilemma to freeze eggs or marry the next right guy .

The dilemma to take a sabbatical to raise them or join the hustle, the juggle.

The dilemma to sacrifice witnessing those important milestones to be financially independent or sacrifice your position to experience the love .

To work all life at building a career only to slow it down while keeping it barely alive while you strive at motherhood .

The dilemma that whether it was the right decision taken at the right time or not , whether you have it in you to accomplish the mammoth challenges of motherhood or your downfall is inevitable .

The dilemma that no matter how strong you are , you now have little humans who totally , entirely depend on you and the decisions you take.

The dilemma to accept the life with kids is your new life or to break free and live some days to yourself .

These dilemmas are not of parenthood . No it’s not that universal. Fathers don’t have a shelf life, they have no biological appendages essential to childbearing or rearing . They are free , no strings attached unless they choose to stick around , and the extent of the relation is entirely their choice .

I wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day today but I feel it is getting deeply distressing to acknowledge the daily dilemmas motherhood brings .

I would rather celebrate Children’s Day because they are truly what makes motherhood worth celebrating.

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