Are we all guilty of judging other mothers ? 

She doesnt breastfeed , how lazy of her !

She breastfeeds her 3 year old , how creepy of her !

She bottlefeeds, that’s a failure!

Her child is so weak , why doesn’t she feed him well!

Her child is so chubby, she shouldn’t feed him so often , overweight is unhealthy!

Her child is an introvert , she should take the child out more often!

Her child is so naughty , she should tighten the reins !

Her child is so subdued, she should let him be!

Her child is so aggressive , she should be more strict!

Her child eats junk , she should learn to say ‘No’!

Her child is so obedient, she should be a little easy on him!

Her child is cosleeping , she will regret it later. 

Her child sleeps alone in his room, how cruel of her !

Her child is so hyperactive, she should discipline him.

Her child is so lazy, she should put him in sports. 

Her child is always sick, she should be more hygiene- conscious!

Her child is always using the sanitizer , she is an obsessive germophobe, how will the child build immunity!

Her child is not dependant on hershe doesn’t give him much time!

Her child is too clingy, she gives him too much attention! 

Her child is always crying , she doesn’t know how to handle him!

Her child is always dirty , why doesn’t she restrict him to clean surroundings.

Her child is always so spick and span, she should let him play in mud and dirt , closer to nature!

Her child doesn’t greet others , she should teach him some manners!

Her child is so social , she should warn her of strangers . 

Her child is playing on her own, she should be more protective.

Her child is always with the nanny, she should let him make friends on his own.

Her child is in the pool, she should know kids pee in the pool.

Her child never enters the pool, she is overprotective .

Her child is so talkative, she should learn to have a firm hand.

Her child is always quiet , she should vocalise more with him. 

Her child doesn’t sleep at night , she should put him on a schedule!

Her child is sleep trained , is she raising robots!

Her only child is lonely, she should plan a sibling for him.

Her younger child is neglected , why did she plan another if she couldn’t handle both.

Her daughter cooks occasionally, she is so old school.

Her son doesn’t know how to cook, she should try to raise a feminist son.

Her child goes to a nearby school, she should have tried for a top school.

Her child goes to the number one school miles away, she is over exerting him.

Her child is 1 year old and she is already in shape , what was the hurry? She must have neglected him.

Her child is 1 year old and she still has pregnancy fat, she is not caring for her body.


Let the mothers be! And no one needs to learn this lesson more than the fellow mothers themselves . There is no parenting bible which will tell you what is right and what is not ! Let’s lend support when others ask . Spread awareness when we get to know about a new development. Lend a shoulder to a distressed parent when in a struggling phase.

Let’s be kind to each other , as we don’t know what battle the other is fighting behind closed doors. 

Have you been judged this way or some other way ? Do share with us your feedback , we will add your opinion in the original article here and publish (if you desire) ! 

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