Things New Moms Do ! 

You know you are a new mom when you :

  • Check the breathing of a sleeping baby every 10 minutes .
  • Stock up on teethers way before teething time like a warrior prepares ammunition for battlefield.
  • Have hand sanitizer and wet wipes on every nook and corner of the house , just in case.
  • Carefully auscultate the baby to hear the soul satisfying ‘burp’ sound.
  • Diligently fill the baby book.
  • Stay camera ready with milestone stickers for monthly birthdays .
  • Buy a Baby Food Maker (Which she will dump in a few days and start using the blender like a pro.) 
  • Join all the feeding support groups on Facebook in your mission to be the perfect mom (and  get bullied. We all have been victims of the Sanctimommy , haven’t we ? ) 
  • Over shop for the newborn phase and pile up those cute teeny booties which you will hardly ever use.
  • Get upset seeing yourself looking vaguely pregnant even months after delivery 😦 . (No one told you about that , did they ?)
  • Meticulously record the pee and poo count of the baby . 
  • Get ambitious about potty training . (Dearie , it’s a long way off .. don’t prolong your struggle) 
  • Suffer from an anxiety attack before pediatrician’s appointment as if he is about to disclose your exam results .
  • Panic about baby’s weight ,height and growth percentiles. 
  • Discover the new meaning of crazy exhaustion .
  • Get anxious while cutting those tiny nails almost weekly .
  • Confused about new baby vocabulary like swaddle , mittens , nipple shield, latching , let down and so on .
  • Realise that choosing between a high chair vs a booster is more difficult than choosing a spouse .
  • Sneakily smell your baby’s diaper before handing him over to someone.
  • Exhaust your phone’s memory card in a matter of few days , thanks to the infinite number of cute poses your baby manages to make.
  • Crave for alone time and when you get to be on a date-night with the husband , you end up talking about and missing the baby.
  • Realise that breasts were actually meant for a purpose :p 
  • Hope for atleast someone to remark that your baby looks like you (and is not just his father’s copy)
  • Wonder how giant your neighbour’s toddler looks.
  • Pack the whole nursery in the diaper bag for even a minor excursion.
  • Miss spooning with your husband.

But before you realise it that you are a new mom , your infant has grown into a toddler and you are now the agony-aunt for the next series of brand- new moms! 

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