Why I chose to have a baby in late 20s ? 

I know this article will reassure some and upset others , that’s why this is not a guideline or a recommendation but my very own personal reasons of planning a baby in my late 20s. 

With women getting married in their 30 ‘s, this is not an option for many but I would not preach what I haven’t practiced.

6 reasons why I chose to have a baby in late 20s ! 

1. To be a Young Mother and a Young Grandmother . 

Let’s face it that the energy we have in our 20s is not the same in our 30s or later, and believe me when I say that motherhood is the new level of crazy exhaustion which is going to last for 20 years atleast , or till your kids move out. Being a mother to twin infants , I am almost like a preschool teacher ; jumping around ,hopping , singing rhymes , holding them and swaying , dancing , giving in to their tantrums and demands, rocking them to sleep … phew ! 

Also I want to be a healthy independent mom to them in their higher schooling and adulthood days and not burden them with ageing parents at the peak of their youth . 

And ofcourse , being a young yummy grandmother is also on my checklist. I want to help my kids (both boy and girl) establish their careers while I play and actively babysit my grandchildren. 

2. The risk of Breast Cancer  

One of my dear cousins was diagnosed with Breast Cancer during her pregnancy at 34 years of age . She has fought through the battle very bravely and is a role model for other cancer survivors.Fortunatey she is doing well now and is cancer -free and healthy. 

Research says, Women who have their first full-term pregnancy after age 30 or who have never had a full-term pregnancy are at increased risk of breast cancer.

This incident was one of the triggers which made me plan a baby as soon as I finished formal education at 28 years of age.

3. Risk of Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormality 

Advanced Maternal age is known to cause chromosomal abnormalities in baby . Being a doctor myself , it was a fact difficult to ignore. The risk increases markedly after 35 years of maternal age. 

In my medical practice , I have seen couples toiling with their much awaited child,born differently-abled , looking for a treatment which doesn’t exist.It is a heart wrenching sight. 

4. Trying to have a baby can take 6 months to 6 years and more

It does seem random and biased but while some couples may conceive at a mere contraception failure others might take months to years to get successful. And with each failed attempt it gets further difficult to try again , because the whole process becomes a task and not to forget the insurmountable pressure the society starts putting on you. It’s not for the society’s sake, but for my own mental health, I decided to finally try .  

5. Late 20s seemed right for the maternity break

After 25 years of formal education and starting out on a job which provides maternity benefits , it seemed right to take a break and plan a family. 

Career break is never easy , 20s/30s/40s it’s going to be a struggle . But it gets relatively easier to make a slow start than to put a pause in a fast peaking professional graph. 

Many mothers even reconsider their career choices in this well deserved maternity break and bounce back even more determined and focussed with a game-plan in mind. 

6. Body and mind undergo a major transformation

Life definitely changes after a baby . Your priorities change , responsibilities increase and your whole life will be reset. The transformation is much easier to adapt to and less frustrating when you haven’t grown your roots very deep. Uprooting those longstanding habits and starting anew might be more challenging than building a new base with a new member from the start. 

Your body and mind will also get back to normal much faster and with much less effort . 

I repeat, that this is what urged me to plan in late 20s and you may chose to differ . For some it may not be practically possible. But if it suits you , then don’t delay pregnancy without a valid concrete reason. Believe it or not , our biological clock is surely ticking ! Tick ! Tick ! Tick! 

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4 thoughts on “Why I chose to have a baby in late 20s ? 

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  1. Wait, is pregnancy in late 20’s considered early now.
    From a purely biological point of view, early 20s is best for pregnancy, late 20’s is a compromise for convenience and 30’s is simply flirting with danger.


  2. At John Doe….my paternal grandmother was in her mid thirties when she had my dad. That was 80+ years ago. It isn’t as if women having babies in their thirties is something new.
    You don’t really know if you’ll be a young grandma or not…all depends on your kids choices.
    I live in a university town which probably has a larger percentage of older parents….the older parents manage to do just fine.


    1. Hi Kate . Thanks for sharing your views . I agree , the older parents do well , in fact better in some aspects . It is about making an informed choice depending on facts and your own preferences.
      Ofcourse , I really don’t know whether I ll be even alive to be a young grandma , but one can hope and atleast plan accordingly.


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