The Best 40 Minutes I Spent In A Toilet

This week we started with potty training (just baby steps yet) . I am trying to familiarise my 15 month old twins with the potty seat .

So day before yesterday, I saw my daughter making those weird faces which she makes when she feels the pressure and I had this premonition that IT IS THE TIME to put her to potty seat. So I rushed her to the toilet and put the potty seat (Mee Mee) on the WC and made her sit .

Her brother was super excited to see his mommy and sister going bonkers over this new adventure called potty training and he kept on staring at us as if his sister had beaten him in the race to the new toddler fun task.

So what happened next turned out to be the best 40 minutes of my life spent in a toilet .

My daughter firmly perched on the potty started behaving as if she has been enthroned the new ‘princess of Genovia‘ and was giggling and bubbling with joy while my sonny boy stood in the corner of the washroom gawking at the injustice that his mother had done to him šŸ˜‚.

Then we put the tap on and waited for some ‘holy crap’ to fall , quite literally . I made some sooooo , shooo noises along the way too for atleast to inaugurate the potty seat with some nitrogenous trickle , but all in vain .

Finally I sat in front of the WC and waited and waited while my daughter found new fun antics to do around the potty . Maybe she thought this is mommy’s new way of giving her some ‘bonding time’ .

After 40 minutes of hehe, hoohoo and hahaas we decided to call it a day .

Though the potty seat still remains unscathed , this day will surely go down in the most happy moments of parenting as never have I spent such joyous 40 minutes sitting crosslegged in front of a toilet (and by the way , I have OCD !) .

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