The Ultimate Baby Food Recipe List every new mom needs 

So finally your munchkin has celebrated his/her 1/2 birthday and it’s time to introduce semisolids to the little one. This is the ultimate list to super easy baby food recipes for 6-9 months old .

Decoding the puzzle that Baby Food is for new moms.

I  introduced solids to my twins when they turned 6 months old . Please consult your Paediatrician before you decide to wean.

For an easy and hassle free brief : I would like to add in the beginning , there are somethings I follow after a lot of research , you are free to make an informed choice for yourself. This is not a guideline but How I chose to feed my twins healthy and yummy food, without putting them at any risk. 

  • No salt or sugar  till baby turns 1
    • No citrus fruits : as they can cause rashes
    • No juices till baby turns 1 : Click here for details
    • For adding calories : I prefer Organic India Organic Ghee 1tablespoon : Buy here
    • Boiled water for diluting thick mashes
    • Breast milk/ age appropriate formula milk where needed. (Do not add formula milk while cooking, add later when the dish has been removed from heat. )
    • No whole nuts
    • Cow’s milk should not be used to feed baby through bottles as a main meal till baby turns 1. 
    • Usual way to cook foods : Wash, Peel, cut in chunks and cook in boiled water (slower method) or pressure cook (faster) with water . Purée with blender. I prefer Pigeon Weaning bottle with spoon attachment for feeding my twins.Click Here to buy!

  • You can add a pinch of cinnamon powder (dalchini powder) in the naturally sweet purées for flavour
  • The consistency of food depends on what your baby can easily have , start with runny purée (6-7months) then thick purée (7-9 months ) followed by small chunks (9 month onwards)
  • Keep baby’s utensils separate
  • Always check temperature of food on back of your hand before feeding baby

Initial single foods:

I preferred to follow this order for introducing the individual foods

  1. Apple 🍎 
  2. Banana 🍌 : simply mash, no need to cook
  3. Pear 🍐 
  4. Sweet potato 🍠 
  5. Potato 🥔 
  6. Avocado 🥑 : simply cut and scoop out the pulp. No need to cook. Can be used same as banana.
  7. Peach 🍑
  8. Plums  
  9. Peas 
  10. Carrots 🥕 
  11. Pumpkin 🎃 
  12. Rice 🍚 : Wash, soak ,cook and Purée
  13. Mango : No need to cook

Two Ingredient Recipes:

Just add the mentioned ingredients in pressure cooker or saucepan with boiled water after washing and peeling . Cook and purée to desired consistency.

  1. Gourd (gheeya) + ghee
  2. Oatmeal: First grind the regular rolled oats and then cook in water , add breastmilk or formula for making it creamy
  3. Spinach+ ghee
  4. Oatmeal + Apple(cooked)
  5. Oatmeal + Banana
  6. Pear + French beans
  7. Rice + breast milk/ Formula
  8. Beets + Potato
  9. Beets + Rice
  10. Beets + Apple
  11. Apple + Pumpkin
  12. Apple + Spinach
  13. Apple + Rice 
  14. Avocado + Banana : both raw
  15. Avocado + Mango : both raw 
  16. Avocado + Apple(cooked)
  17. Banana + Cheeku : both raw
  18. Carrot + Peas 
  19. Carrot + Apple
  20. Yellow Moong Dal + ghee : pressure cook the dal with 1 tbsp of ghee and water as needed , then purée it with the blender . I don’t prefer to give just plain Dal ka paani as it has no calories without any mashed dal in it. 

Three ingredient recipes:

  1. Rice + beets + spinach : Click herefor recipeBroccoli + pear + French beans
  2. Apple + Spinach + Peas
  3. Rice + Peas + Carrot
  4. Ghee + Yellow Moong dal + Rice
  5. Avocado + Mango + Milk smoothie : no need to cook

Few more Treats for your baby:

  1. Dates and Oats Porridge : Click Herefor recipe
  2. Badam Halwa-Almond dessert pudding : Click herefor recipe

If you have introduced wheat and wheat products : 

  1. Sooji Kheer
  2. Sooji Upma
  3. Sooji Idli (8 months onwards)
  4. Parantha : Cooked in ghee , broken down in small pieces and soaked in milk   (8 months onwards)
  5. Sooji / Aata Halwa

If you have introduced Egg : (Feed Only Egg Yolk till baby turns 1, never feed raw egg to baby in any form, always cook well)

  1. Scrambled Egg
  2. Hard Boiled Egg
  3. Poached Egg (Cooked for 5 minutes , not with runny yolk)
  4. Scrambled Egg Rice

If you have introduced dairy (pasteurised cow milk) :

  1. Fresh homemade paneer
  2. Curd
  3. Fruit yogurt : Blended strawberries/ Blueberries/ Mango mixed with yogurt/ hung curd / Greek yogurt
  4. Curd Rice
  5. Mashed paneer-potato (boiled)
  6. Poha Kheer (8months onwards)
  7. Poha in Curd  (8 months onwards)
  8. Dalia in milk

This is a quick comprehensive guide to baby food recipes . Also check out our Instant Baby Food like Homemade Cerelac recipe of Rice Cereal and Dal Cereal .It is the easiest baby food to carry while travelling.

Confused about meal timings for babies 6 months to 8 months : Click here for meal plan for 6/7/8 month old babies ! 

For babies 9 months and above , follow our FNC weekly Meal Plan of three meals a day. Also follow us on Facebook for weekly plans / Sign Up .  If you have any doubts or require detailed recipe , please comment below or reach me at my Facebook page :

Hope it helps.

Have you checked for peanut allergy in your baby ? This is how you can do it safely . Click here !

14 thoughts on “The Ultimate Baby Food Recipe List every new mom needs 

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  1. Hi I liked your recepie. Can you please tell some recepies for my 9 month old daughter. She’s underweight.shes been advised high calorie diet. She gets fussy to eat in night. Can you help.


  2. Hi Deepti. Thanks for connecting . For weight gain , you can try the recipes rich in calories like the ones mentioned above containing Banana , Avocado , potato and sweet potato . Also when you prepare rice / dal / vegetables, add 1 tablespoon of ghee to make it calorie dense .
    For example : beet potato puree , avocado banana mash , oatmeal with banana , banana kheer , khichdi with ghee , pulao with ghee . As your baby is 9 months already you can start cheese as well , it’s a great finger food.I hope this helps . Thanks again.


  3. Hi , did you start all of the above mentioned foods daily or u gave each food for a week to check upon the allergy or adaptability.


      1. Thanks for prompt response but little clarity I would like to seek is that is the baby given three course meal with different meal options or is it like one fruit that is given three times in a day for atleast 2-3 days ? Our padetrician has asked to give banana, suji ki kheer( upon my question that sugar are not introduced so early he was like your mother in law will get happy) , fruit juice, daal ka paani and khichri. Please share your opinion.


      2. Kindly tell me the age of your baby , I can help you more after that .
        At 6 months start with only one meal per day .
        Three meals are to be given once they turn 9 months .
        At 6 months , introduce apple puree once a day , give it for 2-3 days , then introduce pear puree once a day , give it for 2-3 days , so on .


    1. If your pediatrician has said yes to weaning, baby is 6 months old and can sit with support and has head and neck control , does not push / thrust his tongue out while you try to feed , then he is ready .
      Start with apple puree , one time a day , preferably not in the evening or night , try to give 2 spoons on day one . Repeat this for 2 more days . If he has taken this well . Introduce Other single ingredient purées as mentioned in the post for next 2 weeks . Give each puree 2 spoons in the beginning, give more if baby is willing to take , don’t force . Repeat the same type of puree for 2 more days. Slowly you can increase quantity and frequency to twice a day .


  4. Hi,
    I am not getting how much quantity should be given at a 1 whole apple puree in a day should be finished or just 2-3 spoons in a of the day can u tell me 1ounce or how much.


    1. You have to start with 1-2 tbsp a day and increase as per your child demands . Do not force feed . Initially 2 tbsp is given , slowly they will be able to take 30ml then progressively by 8 months around 50 ml . But it all depends on the child and his pace .


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