Tandoori Soya Chaap 

It has been 7 months since I have been following a diet plan which requires me to eat high protein grilled/ tandoori food once a week . So in my journey of eating clean yet yummy home cooked food , here is my healthy version of  lip smacking Soya Chaap . It has been marinated... Continue Reading →

Assorted Tandoori Vegetarian Platter : Air Fryer Series

In our Air Fryer Series , using our super versatile Tandoori Marinade and Tandoori Mint Chutney, curated this absolutely drool-worthy Assorted Tandoori Vegetarian Platter. It includes - Tandoori Paneer Tikka Tandoori Mushroom Tandoori Brocolli Tandoori Aloo (Potato) Assorted Tandoori Vegetarian Platter Prep Time : 15 minutes Marination Time: 30 min to 1 hour Cooking Time... Continue Reading →

Tandoori Marinade : A Versatile Marination

Tandoori Tikkas are the most popular starters currently ordered in North Indian cuisine restaurants. This multipurpose marination is the most versatile way of cooking all sorts of vegetarian and nonvegetarian tikkas. Quick and super easy to prepare. Preparation time : 10 minutes .  Tandoori Marinade Ingredients: ~ makes 1 cup Fresh Yogurt : 1 cup... Continue Reading →

Tandoori Chicken : Airfryer Recipe Series

The essence of Tandoori Chicken lies in the Tandoori smokiness and the closest method to achieve this without a tandoor is using an air fryer.  This is my first recipe in the air fryer series. I will be uploading various vegetarian options soon. This is my 'no-cheat' method of Tandoori chicken. The marination is inspired... Continue Reading →

Lemon Chicken : North Indian Style

So what do you make when you feel like having a feast but cannot because you are on a 1200 kCal diet plan ? This Lemon Chicken is the way I binge without upsetting my fitness routine. This recipe originally belongs to my sister-in-law , so she deserves all the praise for it. It's a super... Continue Reading →

Rajasthani Kadhi – Homemade

One of my favourite gluten-free dishes is Rajasthani kadhi. It is not as creamy or thick as the punjabi kadhi and is on the tangy side. It is pretty easy to prep for and quick to prepare ~ 10-12 minutes Ingredients For kadhi Yogurt (thick and sour) : 1 cup  Water : 2 cups Besan... Continue Reading →

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