To Juice or Not To Juice ?

American Academy Of Paediatrics releases new guidelines on Fruit Juice Consumption for infants,children and adolescents. 

Here is a brief summary for the same. 


  1. Juice should not be introduced to infants before 1 year unless clinically indicated. Daily intake should be limited to 4 ounces in toddlers ages 1-3 years, 4-6 ounces for those 4-6 years. For those 7-18 years, limit juice intake to 8 ounces or 1 cup of the recommended 2-2½ cups of fruit servings/day.
  2. Toddlers should not be given juice from bottles or easily transportable covered cups that make it easy to consume throughout the day, nor should they be given juice at bedtime.
  3. Children should be encouraged to eat whole fruits and educated on the benefit of fiber intake.
  4. Families should be educated that human milk and/or infant formula is sufficient to satisfy fluid requirements for infants, and low-fat/nonfat milk and water are sufficient for older children.
  5. Consumption of unpasteurized juice products should be strongly discouraged.
  6. When evaluating children with malnutrition — as well as chronic diarrhea, excessive flatulence, abdominal pain and bloating — pediatricians should determine the amount of juice being consumed.
  7. In evaluating risk for dental caries, discuss the relationship between fruit juice and dental decay, and inquire about the amount and means of juice consumption.
  8. Routinely discuss the use of fruit juice vs. fruit drinks, and educate older children and parents about the differences.

At a Glance –

  • No fruit juices till One year of age
  • Upto 120 ml daily intake for 1-3yr olds
  • Upto 180 ml daily intake for 4-6 yr olds
  • Upto 1 cup or 240 ml daily intake for 7-18 yr olds
  • Whole fruits are the best way to consume fruits. 
  • Avoid Unpasteurised juices.

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