‘Pehredaar Piya Ki ‘ is finally off air and we couldn’t be happier!

If you have been even minutely aware of the current affairs then you must be already knowing about the mayhem regarding the Sony Channel’s latest blunder of airing an absolutely regressive show ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ which has become supremely popular due to a fair share of controversies. 

I hadn’t got a clue regarding this TV show before I read the articles condemning it on social media and in spite of that I refrained from talking about it since I didn’t want to question anything without properly following it . And since I was in the least interested in the show I was better off ignoring it , until NOW . Just today I saw this video on Women’s Web which makes this cringeworthy show even more annoying.

In this particular video , the lead actress can be seen thoroughly describing her ornate lehengas and jewellery, with a sense of immense pride , given by her indulgent and prepubescent ‘Piya Ji ‘. And in these few minutes you can summarise the cardinal issue with Indian Weddings. 

Weddings in India have become a way to blind the people and sometimes the immediate family as well from all that is wrong or mismatched . 

How such exhaustive list of exorbitant and  expensive trousseau is used to literally blindfold the bride as well as zip the mouth of anyone who has  even an iota of sense.  

Here Diya , the lead , can be seen mesmerised with the intricate and exclusive clothes and jewellery . And this is not just restricted to fiction . This has become the reality of Indian weddings, where the groom , in fact,  does not even matter . Sometimes people can’t even explain what the groom actually does for work , they are so preoccupied in selecting what the father of the groom does or rather have to boast of.

Often in some cases the trousseau is actually inversely proportional to the groom’s qualities , because c’mon, you have to shell out a little extra to get away with your anomalous progeny .

So , What follows after these grand weddings happen ? Nothing much . They surely have their honeymoon sorted even if they have zero discussions about contraception . The lives are spent doing what they started with ; boasting more about shallow lives adorned with branded things and a few exotic vacations thrown in to add to the charm.

Talk about compatibility ; and they will shove the topic down their royal throats with an equally royal glass of wine . 

So eventually this TV show managed to agitate my not-so-vulnerable intellect as well and put me in the league of all the protesters behind the petition against this pompous ‘drama’ . 

I too love a glamourous wedding but not as much as I love a happy like-minded couple.

Watch the video here 👇🏻 

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