Pepperoncini Italian Style – Green Chili Pickle

Hi friends ,

Some years back there was an Italian Pizza chain Papa John’s with many outlets in Delhi which used to serve delicious Pepperoncini Pickled Peppers complimentary as sides with the regular orders and they were so addictive that I ended up ordering multiple servings of the pickles.

Since the chain closed down , I have been craving for those peppers . Hence I decided to give it a try by scanning a few recipes on the internet . These are traditionally made with Italian peppers called Pepperoncini, however due to unavailability I have made this pickle with usual Indian large green chillies (the larger the better).

Also , traditionally this recipe uses Apple Cider Vinegar , but I have used White Vinegar for convenience sake.

The pickles will take 3 weeks to be ready , hence for now I do not have the final pickled peppers image .

Pepperoncini Italian Style – Green Chili Pickle


  1. Large green chilies: 250 grams
  2. Water : 2 1/2 cups
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar / White Vinegar : 1 1/2 cups
  4. Garlic cloves : 6 
  5. Olive oil : 1 tbsp
  6. Salt : 2 tbsp

Method : 

  1. Take water in a saucepan and bring it to boil . Blanch the peeled garlic cloves in boiled water for 1-2 minutes and remove from water .
  2. Put the boiled water on low heat , add white vinegar and salt . Let it come to a boil again.
  3. Thoroughly wash green chilies and slit them vertically but do not cut through to divide. Keep stalk intact .
  4. In a glass pickling jar (clean) , add blanched garlic and green chillies .
  5. Pour the hot water-salt-vinegar solution into the jar.
  6. Leave 1 inch space between pickle and lid .
  7. Add olive oil to the jar.
  8. Gently pack the chilies by pressing them using a potato masher so that they are almost covered in pickling solution .
  9. Close the lid .
  10. Store in cool , dry and dark place .
  11. Wait till 3 weeks for the pickle to be ready . But I think I ll sneak a few in between as well 😉 . They are way too addictive.

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