Motherhood and The Coping Up Mechanisms 

It’s all been told and retold , written and re-written , cut – copy – pasted infinite number of times that motherhood is exhausting . 

It is mind numbing , zombie-fying, sapping kind of a crazy exhaustion. 

But what remains to be told is how mothers around the world are coping up with it. 

Motherhood and the chronic mental load unveils our dormant coping up mechanisms . We all have our own unique survival strategies. 

The workaholic mom finds solace in extended hectic work hours , the grilling office routine is her escape.

The masterchef mom immerses herself in her kitchen experiments and culinary adventures.

The TV buff mom binge watches her daily soap operas and vents her frustrations by cursing the the Komolikas of Television industry.

The socialite mom pampers herself at the salon for the next kitty party at the new happening club in town.

The intellectual mumma finds new places to spend her pent up analytical faculties, she has already read every book on parenting so now she runs a mommyblog.

The complaining mom knows that nothing works for her and she has already been handed the most difficult child of the century , so she has no way out . 

The Sanctimommy (Sanctimonious Mommy) thinks she knows best and has to share her advice with the lesser mortals so she actively searches for queries on mommy groups and warns the new mommies before they do any irrepairable damage to their kids while her own son may be smoking weed.

The shopaholic mommy gets busy searching for the new personalised bibs, rompers , brushes , diapers , giveaways for her child’s next birthday while her designer stitches matching themed outfits for daddy, mommy, kids, Chacha , chachi, neighboring aunty etc etc . 

The superfit mommy is already using her 10 pound baby for toning up her muscles and weight training . 

For the writer mommy everybody around her soon becomes a protagonist and before you know it , she has published an article over you . P.S. Remember to remove her from your agony aunt list .

The traveller mommy is finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that she underestimated her toddler . While she posts those happy #NoFilterNeeded instastories on social media , no one knows the hell of a time her kid is giving her behind the scenes . But as long as the backdrop is exotic , she can bear it all.

Which category (or categories) do you fall in ? 

United by a common thread of motherhood , all the women are trying to stay sane in this maddening yet overwhelming journey where their hands are full but the heart is fuller . 

So as long as our kids are doing fine , two hoots to the judgement , let’s get back to our copying up mechanisms. 


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