Marriage : A matter of luck?

Recently over a casual conversation with a colleague who is unmarried and in her early thirties , we stumbled upon this thought.

She insisted on the fact that marriage is a matter of chance and I , according to her , happened to be amongst the few fortunate ones to have found a good spouse.

Though I do not entirely strip the credit away from destiny , I dared to put across my point .

I said ‘You were born entirely dependent on parents who were randomly allotted to you by God . You have spent majority of last 30 years with the support of your family ; physically , emotionally and financially. Then why are you worried about the next 30 , where you are equipped in all aspects and can put food to your mouth . If God didn’t hand you over to abusive and savage parents , why pester yourself about the future and be pessimistic. ‘

Of course you have the responsibility of taking a sane decision of choosing the right life partner , which is not easy , but that doesn’t warrant despair. Trust your instincts and go with what feels right to your heart but keep your financial and emotional backups strong for anything untoward.

Do not be a hypocrite . If you do not like when a man rejects a potential bride for her colour, then do not reject a man for him being bald or fat.

Marriage is an opportunity to build a new life with a new partner , do not try to make it a copy of your initial years . Take it as a challenge to improve upon your weaknesses of past and break those stereotypical shackles you unknowingly built around yourself while growing.

You don’t just get to grow old together, it is a chance to grow up together , that’s the real adventure .

Invest in building a home as much as you choose to invest in building a career , because that is the safe haven you will always come back to.

If you are not prioritising each other over the rest of the world , you do not understand the meaning of marriage. Choose Love over perfection , always, else it will perish under rest of your menial pursuits.

Work towards building a marriage not just a wedding . While a wedding is all bling , glamour and royalty ; marriage is ‘behind the scenes’. It’s what happens when the paparazzi are gone . It’s not always beautiful but it’s definitely worth it.

Yes marriage is a Leap of Faith , a matter of luck, but as Tennessee Williams said,

“Luck is believing you are lucky.”

So have faith , be optimistic, plant those seeds of affirmation in your subconscious and take the plunge !

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