When the toddlers took over !

Once upon a time , in a kingdom far far away , there was a king and a queen who lived in a suave white contemporary house in a major metropolis of India.

They had sleek interiors , minimalistic and aesthetic furnishings inspired from their recent Mediterranean holiday to Greece and its Aegean blue sea.

The summer before the last , the royal couple were blessed with twin angels and a lovely space-themed nursery was built for the new arrivals.

And then the twins turned 1.

The house now looks ransacked . The whites look like yellows .

The glass furniture resembles the much battered screens of your current mobile phone .

The electric sockets have been gagged while the switches have succumbed to frequent brutality.

The trendy nursery can be seen gasping under the laundry and toy burden .

The much loved book corner of the queen has been rummaged over and over again , with bookmarks stealthily taken away.

The Aegean blue and white theme of the house is speckled with quintessential indian kitchen trademark ‘haldi ke daag ‘ (turmeric stains ) .

The grey mica lined furniture is buckled with child proofing equipment to seal all possible openings.

The remotes have been savagely pestered with and what remains of them is hardly functional .

The red remnants of the strawberries the queen lovingly fed her twin toddlers can be seen gracing the fine couture kids’ clothing .

The expensive China has been securely tucked away in the cupboards and has been replaced by steel ke bartan (steel utensils).

The travel souvenirs of the couple which adorned the living room have been clustered together in a carton till further notice .

The footwear have been stacked in a corner outside the main door lest they become objects of play and relish.

The king’s ultra modern jacuzzi in the master bathroom is squirming with squeezy bath toys and splash books.

But has this stopped the royal couple from hosting guests ? No , they continue with the hospitality and when enquired about the mess , this is what they say ,

Once upon a time , I had a clean house and then my kids turned toddlers 🤷🏻‍♀️ !
Ignore the chaos in my house , don’t look at the clutter in my living room and I promise I won’t look in yours when your toddlers take over .

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