Our Unique Solution that made our twins better sleepers! 

With twins , we had different logistical issues. Bed sharing was unsafe and almost impossible with twin newborns. Even room sharing with two cribs was highly cumbersome . So we found a unique solution and our twins have been Early Independent sleepers (sleep in their own room <4 months of age) since they were 45 days old. This really helped me sleep-train them by 4 months  and drastically improved my mental and physical health. I haven’t suffered from sleepless nights since then and my husband can’t thank me enough for that.

We decided to go for a triple bed unit with bunk bed  for twins. It has two beds (6ft X 5 ft) one over the other with cover on three sides and a third bed which slides from underneath the lower bed.  This gave us enough space to put twins on each side of the lower bed , while the sliding bed served as the diaper changing station. The lower bed is highly convenient as I could lie down by their bed comfortably on days they were cranky.

For our room , we bought a Portable Pack n Play , in case we need to bring one of  the babies to our room during night due to any reason .

Graco Pack N Play on the Go Playard Sequoia (Multicolor)

When the twins turned 6 months old , we installed a bedrail by the lower bedside to avoid falls , as they had started turning. It was a big relief to me as I wasn’t panicking for their safety anymore.

Buy it here : Little Imps Sure Safe Bed Rail

If unavailable, you can buy Fisher Price Bed Rail : Click Here ! 

For playtime , we spread our play mat on the floor and secure it with multiple cushions or my Coozly Premium Pregnancy U Pillow and spread their toys on it. This setup manages to keep them busy and safe at the same time. But infant sleeping around the pregnancy pillow is not recommended.

I also have a stationary activity centre to keep one of them occupied.This hands-free arrangement helps me do my daily chores better.

This unique solution has significantly improved our family’s sleep hygiene , health and happiness. As a working mother it has worked wonders for me and my sanity.
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Note : American Academy of Paediatrics recommends room-sharing — but not bed-sharing — through the first year because research has shown the practice can reduce risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).However, according to a recent research, room-sharing at ages 4 and 9 months is associated with less nighttime sleep in both the short and long-term, reduced sleep consolidation, and unsafe sleep practices previously associated with sleep-related deaths.

  • Early independent sleepers had increased odds of having a consistent bedtime routine and being put to bed by 8 pm relative to room-sharers.
  • The suggestion that parents wait to move the infant out of their bedroom until the end of the first year, when separation anxiety is normative and increasing, is likely to result in frustrated parents and unhappy infants.


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