The lazy woman’s guide to being a super mom !

Time and again I am enquired about my routine and how I manage to do so much with my kids and work.

Here is a gist of how I, despite being my lazy self manage to somehow do it all , or at least make it appear so ūüėú.

I am a working mother of toddler twins and this is how things go at my place. Point to keep in mind is that I have domestic help to let things be in control.

  • No bathing the kids in the morning . I think this contributes to the major reason why I have not much issues to complete my tasks in the morning . I just don’t bathe my kids early in the day. Morning routine includes changing diapers , a quick milk feed , washing their face , brush their teeth and change of clothes.
  • After this they are dropped at their dadi ‘s place where they have their breakfast and lunch . I make sure that all the supplies the kids need are refilled and rechecked every week , so that no inconvenience is experienced once I am away.
  • Till they learn to eat without spillage, only semisolid Porridges and rice based dishes are made for them in breakfast and lunch . Most food experiments are done in the evening when I am there with them to manage the mess.
  • After I return from work , I have a quick cup of tea and lounge in the drawing room with the kids on a mat on the floor . This ensures my kids can play uninterrupted without me having to run around them .
  • For their play , I ensure some entertaining music on an audio player / radio (No video) in the background and a dedicated space adjacent to living room for their playzone.
  • Indoor Play area includes a lot of interesting things like slide , swing , basket ball ring , a see-saw , a rocking horse , a ball pool , a storage bin for random toys and a drawer full of board books and new reads . They also have toddler sized chairs for their comfort so that they can seat themselves without my help.
  • The play area is lined with cushioned mats .A detailed post on Indoor play area will be up on the blog soon , keep following us on Facebook and Instagram to know more.
  • In the evening , I hand them a bowl full of no-cook snacks which are usually seasonal fruits like berries , cherries , melon, pear etc. cubed and pitted . Also cucumbers , apples , dried berries , Nachni chips , cheese slices and boiled eggs make for healthy , no- fuss easy snacks .
  • Later in the evening they are given bath and a thorough brushing of teeth is done.
  • Following this they take their dinner alongside us besides the dining table on their high chairs . This is mostly roti and dal or paranthi .
  • After the dinner , we lounge together in our bedroom where kids jump around and play with their daddy and I . After they are exhausted they get another milk feed and are put to sleep .
  • The sleeping time varies upon the amount of physical activity through the day and also their waking up time.
  • We manage to go to the park a few days in the week , depending on my energy levels .
  • Most of my cooking adventures are done in evening or late night or weekends .
  • I depend on domestic help for most of household chores .
  • When the help is unavailable , I do thorough cleaning of my house and kitchen once in 15 days , and not daily.
  • My husband takes care of most of his chores on his own and that is a big help.
  • I believe in unstructured play for kids and no formal education until they hit 3.5 years , hence my kids play on their own without being instructed or directed .
  • They have a lot of books handy around the house which makes them consider books as a form of play.
  • I read to them in an animated manner hence they look forward to reading and in fact demand for it as well.
  • I have kitchen restraint door to avoid accidents in kitchen while kids are around . This also gives me unobstructed view of them while they are playing without getting them inside kitchen .

  • If you have more queries about how I manage specific things around the house , do comment below or reach me on my various social media profiles (all have Id – @fridayncolumn )

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    4 thoughts on “The lazy woman’s guide to being a super mom !

    Add yours

    1. Thank you for good tips to manage kids on a tight time schedule… would be very helpful if can you please share some semi solid porridge recipes for breakfast


      1. Glad to be of help.
        To begin with , you can give milk based oats porridge , vegetable oats khichri , sprouts khichri , veg Dalia , quinoa based veg porridge etc .
        The recipe for oats khichri , and sprouts khichri is already on the blog.
        I ll be sharing quinoa pumpkin soup/ porridge recipe this week.


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