‘A day in the life of a working mom !’ – A Poem

I woke up,

Rushed to kids’ door,

Checked on them ,

Back to more.

Screened the house,

Locked the stores,

Picked them up,

Hustled two floors.

Gobbled some food,

Bid adieu,

Off to work,

Gulped a coffee or two.

Filled some forms,

Examined a few.

Wrapped up quick,

Off again I flew.

Danced the two,

As I glanced through the door.

Hugged and kissed

And cuddled and more.

Splashed my face,

Put them to play.

They Giggled and Jumped

And Laughed as I sway.

Held them and fed

A morsel or two.

Prepared the bath,

Struggled anew.

Exhausted and fallen,

Put them to bed .

Straightened the spine,

‘Knock-knock ‘ the door said.

He came , we sat.

A talk ensued.

Few jokes, some jabs

A point of view.

He answered, I asked

And we argued such,

He concluded

 ‘You Can’t Even Do This Much !’ 

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