FNC Meal Plan For Babies 6 to 8 months 

After the astounding success of the Ultimate Baby Food Recipe List Every New Mom Needs and FNC Weekly Meal Plan For Babies 9 months and above , I have drafted these sample meal plans for babies 6 / 7 / 8 months old on request by the mothers connected to me through Friday Night Column Facebook page.

The plans are based on the principles and recipes discussed by me in the Ultimate Baby Food Recipe List. You can refer to it for details. 

Sample Meal Plan For 6 months old Baby: 

Follow the three day rule while introducing new foods to baby . The example below mentions two food items (apple Purée and pear Purée ) , you can follow the same method for introducing all the purées mentioned in Ultimate Baby Food Recipe List. 

Sample Meal Plan For 7 month old Baby:

Proceed gradually from Purées to thicker and chunkier mashes . Even toothless babies are capable of chewing their food with gums. Do not panic if the baby gags as it is a part of learning to chew food.

 Learn to differentiate between gagging and choking . Gagging is usual , choking is life threatening. A sign I look for while feeding the baby is cough/ sound . If a baby is able to make a sound , then he is gagging . If the baby is choking , he won’t be able to make a sound. (Read this for more on choking vs gagging )

For Recipe of Homemade Cerelac : Click here !

Sample Meal Plan For 8 month old Baby: 

Gradually introduce baby to finger foods which can be easily squeezed between his fingers like soft idlis/ potato Fries/ rice cutlets/steamed apple or pear slice. Also introduce soaked solids like rice in curd / soft Parantha bites in milk .

For Recipe of Homemade Cerelac : Click here !

Hope this article helps you in further planning your baby’s meal times . 

From 9 months onwards my twins have been on a variety of foods which I share as Weekly Meal Plan . Click here to have a look . These meal plans are applicable for toddlers as well .
Have you put your baby on a schedule yet ? It makes them sleep through the night . Click here to learn more ! 
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