After years of marriage , I cheated on my husband ! #ShortStory

Ours is a love marriage . After a courtship of 4 years , we finally tied the knot.

I have been with him for 8 years , but now I am contemplating . Is he still my priority ? 

I don’t miss him much through the day . Unlike the earlier times, I don’t wait the whole day for him to arrive.

But is he to be blamed ?

Or is it me ?

I am in love again . This new guy is so much like my husband and yet so different . He is way more aggressive . He doesn’t like to kiss or cuddle . He is into biting . My lips , cheeks , hands are still tattooed with his love bites . 

He is a late sleeper too. He likes to give me quality time . He likes to play and have fun. We talk for hours , listen to music and he laughs heartily on most of my jokes. Unlike my husband, he likes all my antics too.

This guy is not superficial , he doesn’t care what I am wearing. He doesn’t expect me to dress up for him. 

We don’t like dining out . We enjoy our in-house cosy dinners . He doesn’t expect me to cook . My husband always misses his mother’s food , this one doesn’t .

We have our share of fights too, or lovers’ tiff , you may say . He gets upset and then doesn’t speak to me but I know it won’t take me more than a few minutes to get his smile back . 

I just wish our love remains the same , unconditional and unadulterated, forever . 

My husband has started getting suspicious. He scans my phone’s gallery to look for evidence. He has found some too. I love those pictures too much to delete them , just for the fear of being caught.

My husband is off for a late evening meeting and my boyfriend and I have plans.

I think I know who I love more. I could rant endlessly about my new romance , but I need to go now, I think my boyfriend needs…..








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