Guide to choosing age appropriate toys for baby : 0 to 6 Months

Toys are essential in a child’s development. They spark imagination, help the child to practice and develop their fine and gross motor skills besides providing fun and play.

The first rule that I follow while interacting with my twins is that I do not underestimate their understanding capacity. Do not limit them just because you think they would not comprehend as they are young. Experiment and explore various playthings with them and they will amaze you each day with newly developed skills.

The three main ways I entertain my kids are :

  1. Toys
  2. Music
  3. Books : Read Here , the five classic books to Read Aloud to your baby .

This post will help you choose age appropriate toys for your baby .

  • Newborn Onwards

Newborn babies are fascinated by faces, though they cannot distinguish between a real face vs a fake one. This is one phase where any toy with a hairline-mouth-pattern appears to them like a face. Though at this stage baby’s vision restricts what they enjoy, so whatever grasps their attention has to be really near to them. Their color vision is also weak, hence they enjoy black-white patterns more than coloured. He is still not ready for toys which can be held.

Which Toys To Choose For Them ?

  • Musical Cot Mobile Toy With Remote control and Night Projection

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  • Fisher Price Kick and Play Baby Gym

Use it by keeping baby on his back or let him develop his skills more by introducing tummy-time.

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  • Mee Mee Musical Rattle Set

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  • Baby Sleep Projector

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  • Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker

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  •  3 months onwards

Baby will continue to enjoy Baby Gym, Rocker and Rattles. Besides that you can add the following toys as his fists open up, vision improves and he will soon be able to sit with support.Baby will also be able to enjoy sounds and turn towards it.

  • Nuby Icy Bite Teether

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  • SKK Baby Rattle Cum Teether

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  • Baby Musical Drum

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  • Baby Bucket Stroller Rattle

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  • Hamleys M and S Ziggles Orange : (My Twins’ Favourite)

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  • Activity Mat

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  • Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat

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  • Sassy Bath Time Pals

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  • Playgro Splash Book

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  • Stationary Activity Centre : Olly Polly Kids jumperoo (5 months onwards)

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For babies 6 to 12 months : Click Here !

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