Dear Husband , You can talk to me ! 

Dear Husband,

I see you daily , some days you wake up real early , even before me , brush up your assignments, rush through the morning routine and leave without breakfast.

I see you when in the midst of a conversation I lose your attention . I get angry , sometimes offended that I don’t matter to you anymore . 

I see you when you come home and straightaway lie down on the bed with shoes and  suit on . You don’t even ask about the kids many times . 

I see you when you get angry on my demands for a luxury vacation or a new fad I recently came to know through my mom. I get upset that you don’t pamper me anymore. 

But dear husband , despite what I just said , I also see the man who wants to sleep in a few more minutes and maybe spoon his wife but has to rush to work to avoid his boss’s stare. 

I also see the anxiety with which that man rushes his breakfast and leaves the house because the corporate world is only for the ones who are on top of their game .

I also see that how you want to listen to my banter describing the amusing things our kids do daily and in between the conversations when you get caught up with the expenses coming forth for their upbringing.

I see you when you look at a designer men’s watch on someone’s wrist and still skip the plan of buying it because I have already burdened you with a list of my own luxuries. 

Dear Husband , today I want you to know , that I see your sacrifices , your selflessness and your indomitable spirit to provide the best for your family . 

And I want you to know , you can talk to me. 

If you are overworked by your boss, if a senior is bullying you at work , if you have been inappropriately touched by a female or a male coworker, if you are burned out and need a sabbatical, if your health is getting deteriorated , if you miss your mom or her food , if you miss your friends and the outings , if you want to binge sleep for the weekend, if you are tensed due to an assignment, if you want to follow your passion or if you feel stuck in a situation . You can talk to me. 

Marriage is a relation of equals , and if I have a choice , you have a choice too. I am well educated and qualified . I can shoulder the responsibility too . 

So dear beloved husband , next time you need a break from work or just a shoulder to cry on , I am there for you . 

You are not alone . I am the woman of today and I am capable of supporting you in good times and in bad times , in sickness and in health, for better , for worse, for richer , for poorer. 

Ladies, Let us support our men . Let’s not presume they have all of it sorted . Don’t let them suffer in silence as if they have no choice . Gender equality begins with giving the men an equal choice . Don’t let them burn out . Let’s not underplay the workplace sexual harassment that men undergo . Let’s encourage them to voice their issues as well . They are humans too not just money making machines or bulls to carry the family load . Let’s be receptive to their emotions so that they don’t end up in depression or resort to alcohol or smoking.

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