Common household hazards you need to secure your toddler from !

Raising twins in the last one year and more has made me realise that there are so many hidden and subtle things in our house which can prove really harmful for our little kid .

Besides the usual electric switches, sharps , staircase, medicines etc . here is a list of common household hazards you need to secure your toddler from once they are mobile (crawling or walking ) .

Buckets : Empty or with water !

Every Indian home has a few spare buckets around the house which are used for pochha (cleaning/mopping) purposes or for washing clothes . Children have a tendency to look into those hollow objects and sometimes they fall headfirst into them which can prove fatal. Even a few centimetres of water can lead to drowning . Also beware of Vacant Toy Storage . Sometimes kids remove all the toys from their toy storage baskets and while picking the lowest most toys can fall into the storage . Always supervise the children while playing to avoid such accidents.


Did you know that deflated balloons are one of the most dangerous choking hazards . They tend to occupy the wind pipe if taken in mouth accidentally and are most difficult to remove even with Heimlich’s manoeuvre which is commonly used to dislodge the choking object from wind pipe.

Batteries : Coin Sized or otherwise

There is a reason why all Children’s toys come with battery covers secured with screws . Batteries can prove extremely dangerous if your child licks them . Coin sized flat batteries are a choking hazard as well. Always make sure the screws of the battery covers are firmly tightened and all old toys with broken covers should be properly discarded along with used batteries .


Uncovered toilets tend to attract the toddlers on the go . They may try to put a hand or throw a toy in it and then try to recover the same putting themselves in danger . Always keep the toilet seat covered when not in use .

Plastic Wrapping

Unknowingly we tend to miss out the scraps of plastic wrapping we often remove from newly purchased items which are carelessly left behind . If ingested it can get lodged in the food/wind pipe and is difficult to remove . Make sure you properly discard the plastic wrappers of new purchases.

Handbags and Purses

We hear a doorbell , rush to pick the delivered item at our doorstep , come inside and open our wallet / purse , hurry to pay the delivery guy and in this usual discourse we forget to zip the purse . There in the purse are a number of hazards we just exposed our toddler to which can prove harmful in a few seconds . Coins , pins , pens , perfumes , medicines which can be usually found in a handbag can all prove extremely dangerous for your child. Always remember to keeps coins secured in some area away from kids and never forget to zip your wallet back after each use. Keep wallets and handbags in a closet or an area above your child ‘s reach .

Hot pans on stove top

Always make sure the handles of the pans on stove top are facing the wall and not the counter edge as the child can accidentally spill it on him while reaching out for it . If possible , put a restraint gate at the kitchen entrance.

Because, Better Safe than Sorry !

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