What ‘moms of girls’ actually do : Busting the myths of gender bias !

Reading through an article on funny things moms of boys would relate to, I couldn’t help myself and ponder that it was more about what some moms of boys ‘THINK ‘ moms of girls do differently.

So here is a post from a mom of a girl( and a boy ) , explaining our side :

  • Moms of girls don’t spend hours doing the hair and clips and dressing up their girls . Most of the times we just need one cute little dress , a neat haircut and our smart daughters still outshine.
  • Dads (or Moms for that matter) don’t need boys to enjoy sports . My daughter is more into football than my son . If you offer sports and outdoor equipment to any gender , they may or may not enjoy it . It has nothing to do with gender , may be more to do with how you are biased in the choices you offer a gender .
  • If you have a girl , your house doesn’t need to be pink . In fact most of the times , as a mom of a girl , I avoid buying pink because my naive well wishers end up gifting us enough pink dresses/ furniture / toys for an eternity .
  • It’s not just the moms of boys who get ample me-time since their boys are busy on their own. Any child busy in what interests them can give you enough time for self-love . My daughter can spend hours sitting on a chair with a bowl of her favourite fruits in her hand or humming to her choice of music or playing with her football.
  • Shopping for girls is not ‘difficult‘ just because you are spoilt for choice . In reality , I always end up buying more for my daughter because of the availability of exquisite variety in a fraction of the time it takes me to shop for my son , who still ends up looking similar despite the hours I spend finding something ‘different‘ for him.
  • You may think moms of girls need to supervise more .In fact , I am equally perturbed about my boy’s safety because the world is shamelessly cruel to all vulnerable individuals and unfortunately , sometimes more to the unguarded boys who become easier prey .

Similarly , neither my boy can be stereotyped into a mould . He loves his near and dear ones and doesn’t shy away from expressing it with his warmth and care. He is not necessarily interested in cars and sports. He likes to sit with his book and enjoy. Even as a toddler he is the first to notice his mother’s upset face and caress her when needed.

As a mom to both a girl and a boy , I am neither trying to raise my boy as a girl nor my girl as a boy .

I am just trying to bring up independent , responsible, kind and caring individuals who are physically active , eat mindfully and think morally.

Gender does not come into play in my parenting journey .

Keeping gender apart, I am just a mom to two kids whom I am trying to give direction so that they reach their maximum potential in spheres that interest them .

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