I am THAT woman !

When you form a group with others girls and giggle and laugh, discuss everything from politics to pedicures , and you see a girl sitting away and silently sipping her caffeine dose with her eyes straight into the blank space ,

…I am THAT girl.

When you are attending a wedding and see a confident yet aloof girl standing by her partner’s side , not willing to join all the ladies at the social gathering ,

… I am THAT woman.

When you come to the park with your toddler and see me running behind my kids , all sweaty and exhausted , avoiding an eye contact with you or brushing by with just a quick ‘hello’ between us,

… I am THAT mother.

When you invite my kids to your kid’s birthday and we exchange numbers, you follow it with some customary funny forwards on whatsapp , and receive no reply or just a shy smiley šŸ˜Š emoji in return,

… I am THAT woman.

You may be disappointed in my lack of efforts, you may find me rude, insensitive or egoistic too.

You may think I have too many airs to myself.

You may think I am THAT kind of a woman .

But, for once , consider a possibility,

I may be an Introvert.

I may be too anxious to strike a conversation, I may be plain uncomfortable amongst talkative individuals.I may be happy in my own space but inadequate in widening my close circle . I may be the one who finds her peace in quiet and avoids over stimulating environments. I may be the person who avoids situations which involve human interaction . I may be the one who is at her best when behind her book or with her headphones on. I may be the reticent girl who never initiates the correspondence but will duly reply your message (although just to the point). I may be the one who likes to reflect before speaking and doesn’t believe in giving her opinion until asked .

Do not befriend me if your instinct says so , but do not misunderstand. I am just THAT woman who is an INTROVERT.

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