#PadMan : the real challenge !

Social media is again armed and divided whether the #padmanchallenge is just a promotional gimmick or does it really make an impact . While I think it does both of these , here is the real challenge every man faces in context of the pad .

The real challenge for the common man !

My kiranewala bhaiya (grocer) is always shocked when I make an SOS call to send me my go-to sanitary napkin pack in times of unexpected need. He insists on ordering a packet of dhania powder or for that matter even a few toffees so that he can pack my super secretive object of desire with something less embarrassing, may be to avoid the embarrassment he might have to face in giving the home delivery guy only a green coloured package.

The challenge and dilemma this man faces in selling a product is the real deal. To sell or not to sell …. that is the question !

My very own Padman !

This reminds me of the real PadMan of my life!

Time and again in your life these monthly hormonal downpours can put any prepared and well organised woman in a situation. Once during a mall date ,while eating at the food court I realised that my calculations had taken me for a ride and I was down while impeccably dressed and totally unprepared . It seemed so sudden and overpowering that I couldn’t find the strength to even sit up from my chair. Seeing my uneasiness, my dear husband asked the reason behind this demeanour . As I disclosed the bloody sacred truth , before I could even complete my sentence , he asked me to wait while he went to a nearby chemist to buy a pad for me. I was utterly moved by his chivalrous behaviour in the true sense. While he was away , my phone rang and to my surprise it was him calling me from the chemist shop. I thought may be he had eventually got the jitters at the last moment before asking the salesman for a pad . But yet again he proved that he was way beyond a gentleman . He had called me to ask about the type of sanitary pads I was more comfortable in , the cotton or the synthetic ones.

I don’t have to ask him to take the #padman challenge. He already took one and passed it with flying colors too.

If you are a man and really believe in the cause of menstrual hygiene , then do take the real #padman challenge when a lady is in need and buy her a pad,because that definitely makes a difference.


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