MomCom#2 : The Afternoon Nap Goals

As the extended weekend approaches , specially the one in summer vacations , it becomes almost mandatory for us mortal souls to plan a roadtrip or a mini-vacay of sorts. 

It was one of those weekends . The world was struggling , having their apparent holiday on tourist laden hill tops or soaking in the monsoons of Goa. But for me , better sense had prevailed and I had decided to sleep in . Because let’s face it , if you go on a holiday with two crawling infants , it is not a vacation ; it is just a change of location. 

So, as I was nodding-off in the comfort of my fully serviced air-conditioned room (while you toiled in the humidity and sweat-laden environs  generated by fellow wanna-be travellers , trying to make that not-so-awesome picture instagram-worthy <evil laughter> ) , my twins had been taking their usual afternoon nap . Luckily for me , they had gone to sleep at the same time . 

It had been 2 hours already and the initial mom-tastic feeling of having put both of them to nap was slowly turning into mom-xiety , as too much silence for moms is suspicious. 

As the mom-fears overwhelmed me and in a fraction of seconds all my worst nightmares started flashing before my eyes , I rushed to their room. The chill of my anxiety was further enhanced by the gush of cool air from the AC and the dimly-lit ambience of the room. I quickly switched the main-lights on to check on them . 

And there they were , playing together in one corner of their bed , cheekily pulling away the same toy from each other’s grasp . As soon as they saw their mommy peeping through the door, a medley of shrieking happiness and giggly gasps welcomed me . 

I took my steps forward to embrace both of them , and before I knew it , both of them pulled themselves up holding on to the bedrail and longed for mommy to pick them first . Such moments get engraved in your heart and these imageries are much more precious than those (not-so-) candid photo shoots. 

Later that day , the afternoon visual led to a constant smile on my face while my husband wondered quizzically about his wife ‘s demeanour. 

Finally I rose from my bed at 1:30 am and decided to paint this cozy memory of the perfect afternoon nap . 

Here is the painting for you! 

Happy Parenting everyone! 

Artwork done by the author using Sakura Koi Watercolors and Sakura Manga Comic Kit. 

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