The Rejuvenation-Fix for an Exhausted mom!

Last three weeks have been very hectic for me. My live-in maid had gone for her annual leave to her village and a makeshift help was managing the top work for me . Though the meals and cleaning were being managed but the perpetual attention my twins demand was exhausting me and it was building upon itself as each day passed. My husband was too tired himself to help me much. Working in the day time and managing the kids in the evening was putting a toll on my health . I had to find a solution to get my batteries recharged . 

Finally I decided I had to take a stern step and get my mojo back. So there it was my Rejuvenation fix . 

I sent both my kids to their dadi’s floor (with their nanny ) and requested her to let them sleep with her downstairs as I was totally freaking out because of the crazy exhaustion. She once again , came to my rescue and agreed to keep the twins for the night . 

That one night of uninterrupted sleep and waking up late (10am these days) worked like a drug . It seemed as if I had gotten all my energy, strength , sanity and enthusiasm back in just one night. 

Occasions like these make me thank my stars for being blessed with amazing parents and parents-in-law who are ready to offer help and provide support when we need it the most . The more my twins stay with their grandparents , the better is my quality of life. They have become more social and this has brought a sigh of relief to me as they feel safe and happy with more and more people without suffering from separation anxiety . 

May God bless all grandparents with a long and healthy life so that we can enjoy their blessings and our kids can flourish in their unending , unconditional love . 

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