Classic Books To Read Aloud to your Baby 

Raising a reader is one of my mommy dreams. There is no age to when you can start reading to your baby. Start as young as you can. 

C&I (my twins) have always loved our bedtime reading . I had started reading aloud to them when they were 4 months old. I firmly believe that reading and singing are the best ways to connect to babies. Even as a newborn I could observe the change in behaviour of my dear daughter whenever I sang to her . Lullabies are not overrated, in fact , they are a part and parcel of raising babies. 

Always prefer Board Books for young readers. They love to hold it and sometimes chew on it . They love to flip the interactive flaps and engage themselves while you read. 

Here I am enlisting classic books which are great to Read Aloud to your little one .

But a word of caution : later they will force you to read to them even if you are exhausted.

  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar : By Eric Carle

This is a classic and you will get a super positive feedback from every reader mommy you know once you mention this book. It has multiple holes , where your baby can put a finger and play while reading . 

My son loves this book so much , that I only need to say ‘The very Hun…” and he is all laughs . 

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  • The Going To Bed Book : By Sandra Boynton

This book is meant to be read at bedtime . Short and crisp, it can keep your little one occupied pretty well. As they grow up , they will relate to the bedtime routine as mentioned in the book.

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  • Dear Zoo : By Rod Campbell

It is a classic book with flap which babies love. They look forward to you lifting the flap and later explore it on their own. It is also a wonderful way of introducing animals to your young reader.

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  •  Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed :  By Eileen Christelow

This is one of the most catchy rhymes you can sing to your baby and this book is an extension to the classic poem. This is my go-to thing to cheer my twins whenever they are cranky.

In fact , I sing it to them during their routine vaccinations and most of the times they don’t even cry for a second while being injected.

This is one of my magic wands.

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  • Corduroy : By Don Freeman

It’s a wonderful, though a little lengthy, book for babies. The story of a shabby bear in need of a home is sweet and heart-touching. Though your baby might not be able to pay attention while the whole story lasts , you can still read a part of it and gradually proceed. 

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A personal snippet: Here is a video of my 9 months old twins enjoying a book . 

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