The Solution To A Safer World For All : Women and Children ! 

To the man suggesting that all primary school staff should be females , to the woman scared of sending her child to school , to the father who has withdrawn her daughter from higher studies  because of safety concerns , to the young lady who has quit her job because of the late evening shifts , to the new mother who is reluctant to join back work due to lack of safer daycare options, I have a solution for a safer world , and it is possible. 

Send the woman of your house to WORK! 

Yes , it’s as simple as that . 

A few years ago there was an advert on TV, where a lady stranded on a desolate street late at night gets scared seeing the male police officers , then suddenly to her respite a female cop offers her shelter. Just the presence of another woman out in the wee hours , in the role of our protector was enough to make another lady feel safe at night . 

Here , in this scenario is the ultimate answer. 

Send your woman to work . Send your daughters to work . Don’t just educate them to be ‘trophy wives‘ and  ‘trophy mothers‘ . Educate them to work . 

And women ! This is for you too . Join back work . Give your due to the society . Look at the larger picture and work for it . Taking a sabbatical for raising a child due to lack of support is alright but remember that you don’t just need to but you have to join back again . Do not be selfish ! Yes , it is selfish not to contribute to society . 

What if the teacher your child feels safe with , quits to raise her own ? What if the doctor whom you call in emergencies , thinks her only responsibility is to raise her own children and resigns ? What if the lawyer who voices issues to safeguard your rights, decides to leave the job to give all the time she has to her family ? What if the banking officials decide to never come back to work because their children come first ? 

If everyone will think about their own small world , how can the society become safe ! 

You want women to be in schools , so that children are safe . You want women to become police officers so that you feel secure. You want female staff in hospitals when your wife delivers or your mother is battling breast cancer. You want cabs to be run by women , so that commuting is safer . You want female babysitters for your young ones .But how?

How is this possible if men don’t send the women to work? How is this possible when the women don’t join the work force despite being qualified ?

If you won’t think about the greater good ? Who will? 

When another child abuse case resurfaces , you will find another agenda and sign another petition ! You will blame the school , the teacher , the men , the system , the government! No, I am not defending anyone here . But yes , safety is not possible until women step out in each sphere of life and protect their fellows and the young . 

Become the saviour you are hoping for . Do not quit , thinking only women with financial restraints and over-the-top ambitions need to work! That’s a petty thought.

Work because you are essential to a safer world and your contribution may seem like a drop in the ocean , but these drops will one day lead to the much needed change . 

Make women omnipresent in society , both day and night , that no man ever has the audacity to inappropriately touch a woman or a child , because he knows that the warrior woman is watching him ! 

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