Healthy Meal Ideas for Indian Toddlers : 20 weeks of Meal Plans

Hi fellow mommies,

If you are connected with me on my parenting journey via Friday Night Column , you must be knowing that as a working mother of toddler twins , I plan my babies’ weekly meal plan in advance for a hassle free week.

In the last 5 months I have shared 20 weeks of meal ideas for toddlers (1 year plus) with recipes to many unique dishes .

Here are the Ten 14 Day Toddler Meal Plans at a glance. Click on the picture to access details.

Also the recipes for dishes can be accessed at the link : Recipe Index For Toddler Meal Plan .

  1. Toddler Meal Plan #011507189449177

  2. Toddler Meal Plan #021508482300293.jpg

  3. Toddler Meal Plan #03img_2633.jpg

  4. Toddler Meal Plan #04img_2996-1.jpg

  5. Toddler Meal Plan #051512132217392

  6. Toddler Meal Plan #06img_3811.jpg

  7. Toddler Meal Plan #07img_4241.jpg

  8. Toddler Meal Plan #08img_4506

  9. Toddler Meal Plan #09img_4828.jpg

  10. Toddler Meal Plan #101518267226630-1

Pin the meal plans for later 👉🏻

Coming Soon !!! I will be sharing individual detailed recipes #ToddlerMealIdeas as
👉🏻Toddler Breakfast Series
👉🏻Toddler Main Meals Series
👉🏻Toddler Snacks Series
👉🏻Toddler Fitness Food Series
With special emphasis on foods which enhance overall fitness (weight, height and activity) of toddlers .

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For Meal Plans for 6 to 8 months old : Click Here

For Meal Plans for 9 to 12 months old : Click Here 


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