Crustless Vegetable and Cheese Quiche | Main Course | Savoury Bake

Quiche is a french open savoury tart , usually a pastry crust filled a custard of eggs, milk , cheese and vegetables/meat.

Though traditionally served in a crust, here is a simple recipe without the usual pie crust (and hence , way less work) yet similar mouth watering results.

I have used commercially available pizza cheese and the vegetables which were easily available in my pantry. You can experiment with both and give it your own personalised touch.

Crustless Vegetable and Cheese Quiche | Main Course | Savoury Bake

Prep Time : 15 minutes

Cooking Time : 45 minutes

Yield : Serves 2-3

Baked In  : 7 inch Square Borosil Glass Oven Proof Dish

Ingredients :

1 tbsp butter

1/2 cup grated carrot

1/2 cup grated capsicum

1/2 cup grated cabbage

1 onion thinly sliced

1 cup grated pizza cheese (You may try with Cheddar cheese as well)

2 tbsp flour (maida)

4 eggs

1.5 cups milk

Salt to taste

Crushed Black Pepper to taste

Red chili powder to taste


  • Take butter in a saucepan and put it over medium heat.Add onions, cabbage, capsicum and carrot . Cook for around 8 to 10 minutes.
  • In a mixing bowl, add flour and grated cheese and mix well.
  • In a separate mixing bowl, whisk 4 eggs and milk. Add salt,crushed black pepper and red chili powder according to taste. Add the flour-cheese mix and fold it into the wet ingredients. Add the vegetables and fold them into the mix as well.
  • Pour the above mix into a greased pie dish (I have used a Borosil glass 7 inch square oven proof dish) and bake at 190 degrees Celsius in the middle rack for initial 20 minutes. Shift the pie dish to the lowest rack and bake for another 25 minutes.
  • Let it cool for 5 minutes and serve warm.

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