A letter to my followers on First Birthday of Friday Night Column.

It’s our first birthday today and I had planned so many things that I would like to do when Friday Night Column turns One . But thanks to a hectic work schedule, fluctuating availability of house help and a conference last weekend , I have no special preparations for today . Not that I am complaining. Being a mom blogger , it’s not easy to plan and schedule most of the times . My posts are often spontaneous , written and published as and when drafted. Despite so many ups and downs , I have managed to write a whooping 142 articles in the last one year with a net viewership of 98,600+ views and 62,000 unique visitors from 100+ countries (mainly India, USA, UK and U.A.E ) on my website . Some of you may think I have a team behind this blog . FYI, I am the only person who conceives , edits, publishes , photographs and manages the website and all social media platforms ALONE.

This blog was named Friday Night Column as I originally intended to post once a week on Friday Night alone, however as you all are well aware I post much more frequently and beyond just friday night.

Today I am happy that I have been able to consistently connect with you guys and though steadily but our numbers are increasing . I don’t like to call myself an Influencer as other bloggers because that is not what I do . I am not here to influence you and neither I am here to do product reviews . I am sharing my parenting journey because that helps me enjoy it to the fullest . Besides that if I can be of any help to other mothers, that’s the cherry on top.

Hoping for more wonderful times ahead with my lovely Friday Night Column family . You all have made me push my boundaries and I owe you genuine and high quality content , which I persevere to deliver every single day .

Have a great day .

Regards ,

Dr. Mansi Bajaj Malik

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2 thoughts on “A letter to my followers on First Birthday of Friday Night Column.

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  1. Congrats on one year and your following. I know first hand how much work goes into a blog. What a fabulous mom and adorable little family! Sending you lots of light! ❤👍


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